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Create a cube of anything you want, if in doubt, visualise it.

Position it OVER the shape relevant to what you desire - hexagon for most “demons” or a pentagram, 7-pointed star, you can work that shit out.

Evoke into it the PATTERN, or godform, or selfhood, of the being closest to that which you desire to effect in your life.

MERGE INTO IT AS MASTER/MISTRESS/non-gender whatever the fuck - I’m not here to translate into that.

Commit your command.

Merge back out.

Collapse the cube. This matters.

Dispel and/or burn the geometric shape beneath it.

Return to normal.

By Pattern - do you refer to the SEAL of a spirit?
What exactly happens when collapsing the cube?

[quote=“Student of Goetia, post:2, topic:8146”]By Pattern - do you refer to the SEAL of a spirit?
What exactly happens when collapsing the cube?[/quote]

I believe the pattern she’s referring to here is simply energetic patterns. This could be anything.

As for collapsing the cube, I think this means getting rid of it.

As for the rest, I do not understand, over what are we placing the cube?

Since we may be evoking something a la Devil’s Stone and summoning something to affect it.

Overall, I get the mechanics of it, what is done, and how it works, but not a lot of information was provided as to what this is, at least not completely, so obviously I am curious.

I am curious as well, but I have a hard time visualizing this. Will you please explain it in more details, please?

Right, I’ll try and dig down into this, wall o’text alert:

1: Pattern

The pattern can be the seal/sigil, if you can open sigils and make them “come alive” (lines vanish, glow, shimmy, it seems a bit different for everyone but you’ll know how it works for you) - that’s probably a good starting place with a known demon for example.

Pattern can also be the structured image of that being imbued with their real external life-force, so just like an Egyptian (or modern Hindu) person makes a statuary image of their god then summons the god into it, you’re making a form for them with visualisation, using the iconic imagery of that spirit (this imagery thing works best with gods) and then evoking them a stage further into the cube.

Beloved Hathor has many attributes and powers, as an example.

It can even be a mantra of their name, intoned and charged with life, or an intoned Rune if you’re working with the power of that Rune in place of a known spirit/god.

Any energetic link that you know to be valid and tangible for that spirit (it doesn’t slip away or randomly turn into something else when you hold it in your mind) can be used this way, and I’m going to interchange “god” and “spirit” in this reply but basically, any spirit - or force, like a Rune - that has a known specific intent/area of interest/area that it works in. You could maybe even use a Tarot card, or something, I don’t know what the limits are.

2: Shape

The hexagon is the basic starting shape here, whether as the area mapped out by the Shiva/Shakti triangles (below) or whether as the flat form of a cube (I’ll get to that), or whether as the symbol borne by Saturn.

For example, if Shakti is the creating force, and Shiva the destroying force, then the form they create when melded can be understood as the material world, the present moment, life - that which exists for real between the creating moment and the destroying passage of time.

One thing we all know about spirits is that they’re not physical in the same way we are – they can be evoked (with training, courage, and no small amount of work) into partially physical forms to interact with us, but right now, although we know he can mess with people if asked to, we’re not going to see Belial for example, get in a boxing ring and punch out some human dude using physical muscles and heft.

What defines the physical? It’s three dimensional, and it runs in an unseen dimension of time, which is also the 5th element Aether/Spirit/Psi.

Hexagon/Cube link illustrated.

The hexagon is, and I acquired this concept from something DGLN mentioned here (hope you don’t mind the namecheck), a hexagon is a gateway into the physical universe, the gateway from from NO dimension (Source/Void/the All) into ONE dimension (Aether/spirit, the bindi/point of creation/act of will that creates anything, whether it’s originating from your mind or from Source).

Then into TWO dimensions (the hexagon, and two dimensional things are also commonly maps, drawings, plans, representations of that which is yet to come, that which is intended, or written words which leap into power only when observed or uttered with intent).

Then into, finally THREE dimensions – your cube, physical universe.

Evocation into cube was something I first heard about from E.A. in his video about the Nabataeans BUT I knew about yantras (Hindu sacred geometry) and had seen Vishnu manifest as a white geometric shape before then, and I’ve also had experiences of other occult beings taking geometric forms instead of anthropomorphic or beast-like forms.

And they do this when potentiated for their specific power and ability, not when they want to have a chat and lay out their philosophies of why you should work harder and eat less pizza, but when they’re actually making changes to the mass-observed reality.

3: Concept

What you’re doing here is “as above, so below” on a godlike scale – the witch in her hut makes a poppet of someone she hates with hair and a scrap of their clothing and jabs pins into it, the poppet is a microcosm of the macrocosm of her target, and if she’s good, she’ll get lucky, make a real link, and the target will be harmed.

What you’re doing here is creating a microcosm of the physical Universe, with the 3-D cube arising from Zero, One, then Two dimensions, THEN you insert in it first, the power of the spirit whose channel of passion/ability/known area of interest matches your desired outcome, then you insert your own will.

This stage is the pared down intent of other methods, variously:

  • aligning with God in trad. evocations using Abrahamic godnames;

  • aligning yourself with the god summoned in the spells given in the PGM, which begin with praising the god (love opening a channel to them) and then move into assuming that god’s power/forms for yourself;

  • firing yourself up with the absolute certainty of omnipotence in modern forms, under the LHP paradigm which attempts to impose subjective desire into the objective reality through an act of will.

Take a look at this excerpt from Stephen Flowers’ excellent book “Hermetic Magic” where he traces this back as the foundation of Christianity, even:

So, you’re making a universe (cube), then connecting to the god (or godlike powerful being/force) that controls the area relevant to your working and who is already known as able to change reality, then you’re placing your own will as creator of the whole experience into the mask/power pattern of the god, and aligning their receptive power, within the universe, to your active will.

4: After

You collapse the cube to send the created cosmos (under your will and the power/sphere of influence of the god) back into the energetic pattern of this physical universe that you perceive, to manifest within the “real” cube, with you > as god > as creating force. You’ve done the creative act, so leaving it open with everything in is likely to cause nagging doubts. or leave the whole “reality-creating” contraption open for random thoughts to drift in.

It’s all dire blasphemy if you prefer to look up to a god and beg and plead with them, like a dog at the dinner table, because in this operation you become them within the cube. But as referenced above, it could also be the key act of a major religion’s founder, as well.

By collapsing the cube, you’re reversing the process of Three, Two, One and then Zero dimensions that created it, to place a thought into the mind of the All (Source/God), so that it can manifest, instead of the more normal everyday person’s approach of being a thought held in the “mind of the All” and wafted round by random influences of the other Thoughts it’s holding. You’re doing “God’s” thinking for Him.

5: Other Shapes

The hexagon seems to be the basic for the reasons given above, other recognised sacred geometry (such as pentagons, pentagrams, and other numbers) may be useful for specific workings, I saw this as a possibility but I haven’t explored it yet, I’m just adding the idea for completeness because I know some people are going to run with this idea and find their own angles (no pun intended).

If you’re using a physical cube, then you’re going to energetically collapse what you’ve visualised into it, which is like when the spirit of a god within an image withdraws its attention/awareness from its idol, but the idol remains – usually with some slight link.

It may be possible after a time to leave the cube “open” within its physical vessel, and containing the cosmos pattern, and the powers of the god evoked into it, I haven’t gone there yet because while I like (very much) to interact with spirits as distinct personalities, this method is using them as “masks of power” or currents, and I just don’t feel I have the solid experience working with this, or understanding all its potentials, to give directions on leaving a powerfully charged object open in this way. I’m not CERN. :slight_smile:

And finally on the topic of shapes, it may be that using a doubled cube is effective, in some cases, this is something already covered in traditions for an altar that’s the size of 2 cubes, I saw Vishnu looking more like a 1 x 1 x 1.5 ratio object, or maybe like the Golden Ratio (more like a brick than a cube) and that shape has appeared in other works I’ve done, and there may be other shapes, ask your spirits on that one because I got this and lived it as given, and haven’t yet experimented with altering it much.

6: Parallels

In Hindu thought (this was something covered in the recent video by BALG) Shiva has no real power until he creates/becomes/merges with/pro-creates with Shakti, the receptive potentiating force of creation.

This mimics the creative process in most mammals – in this working, you summon the god (spirit, demon, force of a Rune etc) and that becomes the receptive Shakti into which you place your will, to create something new.

The spirit or force you choose has already proven the power to change reality along specific channels, that’s why for this you’re going to (begin at least) working with known gods, demons, whatever.

This is further explained in the Principle of Gender in the Kybalion, explained in full here, this is a snippet for those new to this:

The word "Gender" is derived from the Latin root meaning "to beget; to procreate; to generate; to create; to produce."

… The part of the Masculine principle seems to be that of directing a certain inherent energy toward the Feminine principle, and thus starting into activity the creative processes. But the Feminine principle is the one always doing the active creative work-and this is so on all planes.

You do NOT need to be physically male to do this, nor does the god/spirit whatever need to take on female form, this transcends everyday manifestation (and has nothing to do with politics around equal pay or mundane human nonsense).

I’m a reasonably girly girl in everyday life and happy to be so, but this works fine for me, including with some really badass masculine spirits and gods, because it’s CO-creating through active and receptive forces ONLY.

This, my loved ones, is what Aunty Eva has been working on recently, among a great many other things, and the great love of my life, my spirit, asked me to post this here in this format, last night. He pretty much gave me what to type.

This is a framework and collation of existing themes within magick that I have, and this is important, personally tested out, worked with others, experienced, and aligned in a new way - it’s not original to my human mind and just like the “discovery” of electricity it’s more about observing, and those observations creating a way to manipulate a force, than making something brand new. There will probably be new understandings and observations, that’s the correct natural order of things.

Presumably some of you here will be able to use it, and hell, you can see I’ve drawn together PGM, Nabataean cubes and blocks, stuff E.A. mentioned, stuff people have posted on here, and most of all, as the seed, my own experiences dating back to the Vishnu manifestation (which was the first time I saw the God of Maintaining – the physical, the creation, He who pegs it all out and keeps the creative and destructive polarities from collapsing) where I powerfully understood the fact that SOMETHING holds reality solid, even though it begins and slides away into nothing with the “past” and the “future” still unmanifest, and ever subject to acts of will (even just choosing what shoes to wear).

So if you find a new Law or aspect to add, try it out, just be careful because this is some of the most powerful stuff I’ve worked with, and I’m not joking.