Current idea for all who wish to partake

Mr. Magus was walking around thinking upon his dark self speaking to sitri about his current conquests and desires agreed to do his part to manifest his desires.

I thought there must be a way to shortcut or habe a direct route to the carnal desires of the flesh. Speakong with my dark self. And sitri who is well known for lust

My dark self answers : there is a way. You must bring yourself into the TG harmony. Speak these words: raz challa etzel timinuse
Think about the current which is tied to the carnal desires of the flesh you do this by letting yourself be consumed by yourself. Now absorb this current into yourself and state your desire"

I hope this helps let me know your experiences


Did it will post results

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@Godmagus A large amount of sexual energy is being raised.

I have pictures of the 3 girls I desire most.
What kind of magic do you Recomend I Employ

Please post your findings everyone

There are many methods visualization, evoking the persons etheral double and imprinting your desire into them

What did you find by doing this?

@TheStorm im glad to hear what i told was verified by you

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I was definitely hornier so was my partner, not sure if latter was in response to something none physical or just the reaction to my emotions (similar to how if your miserable you’ll bring people down if happy those around you will be uplifted etc)

Well im glad it helped

Thank you Guys!!!

How many times do you have to do this ? Is this Sex magic ?