Current 218 Sacrifices

I’ve read the “Book of Sitra Achra” and “The Covenant and Calling of the Guardian Angels of Nechashel” and i find the rituals to be very elaborate and complex. Anyone here is following this Current? My biggest problem is with sacrificing Snakes… I dont like the idea to sacrifice another living thing, sacrifice for me has to be something of my own, but anyway if i could surprass this problem still it is a Snake we are talking about… Many rituals in 218 involve Snakes… this is hard as fuck to get and do it many times. Many things in Occult world are changeable with wisdom applied, but i don’t feel confortable to do so in this current. Thats why i’m looking for followers of the current 218 for some insight about this.

Don’t do it then if your intuition says not too, if it requires sacrifice and your not into that then find some other magick to practice , I wouldn’t sacrifice a living thing either


There are many entities that require animal/human sacrifices depending on the spell. I would suggest you either hiring someone to kill the animal for you or work with another entity.

Good luck :slight_smile:

Yep and haft the people who end up doing that get locked in prison and branded a murderer. Honestly if a entity is telling you to sacrifice another fucking human, its either an imposter spirit or your just going Batshit crazy.

That’s animal sacrifice aside, while I personally am against animal sacrifice of any kind, that’s probably the only type of living sacrifice you can do without major conseqences. It’s still not right at all tho, but yea.

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Repost: For some reason I got flagged lol , I wish I was informed in more detail about what part was the problem to edit the post, I think it may have been susceptibility of some or someone about what I said about human sacrifice, but is ok what I said was not that relevant to the OP post anyway :woman_shruggin

Regarding the animals the only consequences I see would be emotional for the people whom morals are against it and I think that it also may be illegal in some countries but I am not sure.

I am neutral about the subject in general though (people practicing it or being against it) but I feel that whoever feels uncomfortable may be better considering alternative entities/spells.

Thank you @Lady_Eva for dm me, now I understand what the problem was. I will be more careful with future replies :raising_hand_woman:

sorry you got flagged. I didn’t do it. And yea, I think it is illegal to kill certain animals in most countries. Even if it’s not. I don’t think someone would take kindly to a kitty getting killed by another person :frowning:

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Some black magician authors of books curse any person who sacrifices animals for doing rituals from their grimoires. It may be used only personal blood as doorway to activate the sigils or pierce the veil to the otherside with the athame.

Sithra Ahra Gloria

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Did You read chapter “Blood sacrifice” on page 207 ? Everything is clearly explained. However, if you have dilemmas you better choose another traditions

Our own blood as part of a ritual it is not excluded, and it is used in each pact with Eleven Heads of Azerate.Why not always?

“Even though life-force can be given through many different means and within the most intimate settings also from one’s own body to the Familiar Spirits there always will remain contexts in which the sacrifice of animals is required. This is especially the case when more “hot” Spirits, souls or elements are to be fed and worked with, as to feed them one’s own blood would be a very stupid and slow form of suicide.” - Interview with N.A-A.218

In Brazilian magick, the adepts kill Animals. When u do a ritual you take your own energy And give in this ritual, when you sacrifice to Beelzebu, Exu or any spirit, You are taking the energy of this animal And putting on the spell, not yours

Agree. Giving ur own blood is giving your vital force

Try another book .