So I’ve been working with angels and demons quite a bit lately and casting some very powerful magic. Which isn’t unusual for me however I have been going at it more vigorously than I have before. I have started to notice actual physical changes that have nothing to do with the rituals I’m performing. I’m becoming physically stronger and more well defined so quickly it’s actually quite surprising. I haven’t worked out in years nor have I changed my daily routine. I have been able to lift things I couldn’t before and I’m starting to look a touch like I did in the height of my martial arts training. I’m curious if anyone has done any controlled research on the physical effects of magic as that’s the only variable in my situation. Has anyone noticed such things when working with magic?

Only more gray hair

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This is interesting. I would love to hear others’ experiences.

I experienced similar physiological changes while possessed.

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Could you elaborate, are you comfortable with that?

When I was a younger and angrier magician I and a demon who didn’t want to be in hell entered into a pact possession arrangement; he got a new place to live in my head, I got the use of another spirit for the harnessing and a roommate/perpetual conversation buddy. Over the course of our nine year long arrangement my build became significantly more mesomorphic (like his preferred form), and my facial features changed to resemble his a good bit more as well. When I self-exorcised him, the changes reverted rather quickly for the most part.

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That’s fascinating! Something for a newbie like me to keep in mind, thank you for sharing.

Intriguing. Although I haven’t undergone any possessions.

How are your banishing habits (particularly with the demons)?

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I banish my inner and outer spaces twice daily.

Interesting. I imagine an explanation to something like that’s bound to turn up sooner or later. Heh heh.