Im curious whos drawn to chat with me. I have this peculiar effect on people.

I like experiments.

I’ll chat with you

Whats on your mind?

My minds a blank slate right now, nothing there LOL

How long you been practicing?

20+ years.

That’s cool, my mother is 0chun in the santeria religion But my godmother would never Initiate me completely because she said that Was not my path. She always referred to me as Brujo. I did have a Haitian Voudon As an acquaintance, he wanted me to spend some time with him, because when the spirits used to speak through him I could understand. The other piece of advice I got was never to work with the dead. I was told that because of my light that they would ultimately consume me. I’ve always taken that seriously and never have ventured down that path LOL.

Understood. I work well with both sides so gar. My venture is with most lightful work though