Random story.
Say Bob (random person) gets spiritually attacked by enemies and seeks to hire a practitioner who can help. He unconsciously goes to the SAME practitioner who his enemies went to to curse him. At that point what would happen? Would the practitioner refuse Bob or just go on and pretend nothing is wrong? What would you do?

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Depends on the practitioner if they’re honest people or in for the money only.

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This is something black magicians in some cultures are actually known to do. They will curse someone, and then go to that person and offer to lift the curse for a certain amount of money.

Ritual for hire is just a contract. Basically, once the ritual curse is done, the magician has fulfilled his obligation to the one who hired him, so there would be no reason not to accept another contract to lift that curse. The magician isn’t personally involved in the situation; it’s just business for him, so he is under no requirement to own up to being the one who cursed Bob to begin with. The responsibility for that falls on the one who hired him.


For me personally I only do work aligning with my ethics. If a person asks me to curse someone and I see that the person that asked me is actually the bad guy instead, I won’t do it. I would not take business of two opposing forces either, I mean, what a way to annoy your spirits lol. Everyone Is different, my work is better if I can emotionally invest myself into the cause which means taking sides.