Curious person who seem to live too much/Is it possible?

I happen to know a person (unfortunately she is my blood family even though I don’t speak with her) that is quite a bitch, evil, disgusting and cruel.
I have always suspected that she does magick for her interests. And it is really interesting that all my family from her part is all dead (mostly suicides, murders, and dramatic accidents prematurely), but she is still there, healthy as a horse, even though she is more than 80 years old (and completely independent).
She doesn’t have much pension but she always has got a lot of money, and things around her are dodgy af.
I have already felt that she has tried to put a curse on me in the past, but I was able to mirror it.

Have you heared about curses that take the lives of the cursed ones in exchange of giving you extra life?

What are your thoughts?

PD: I am not against black magick myself, I also use it, but that person is really a bitch, with and without magick.


The rotten usually live to be ancient. If you feel she is hexing or cursing you get your protection strong and maintain no contact with her.
Which culture of magic do you think she uses? I cannot presume where you live in the world and it could be one of many.


Thank you for your advise. She has been hexing me for years, unsuccessfuly. Also attempted to blackmail me several times very seriously, and even tried to drown me while I was an infant. She is a proper B*tch. I have been protecting myself for quite a long time, and I have cut ALL way of contact for years now.
She is from a mediterranean rural area (with lots of illiterate people in it)with a big catholic influence. Since I was a child I have seen her using blood and parts from animals she killed in her garage. Having in mind she is from a very small farmer area, with almost no access to information, I would say she uses “standard occidental black magic for idiots”. You know, the typical with the bullshit propaganda about demons being evil, and satan being the enemy of “God”/ Bad guy, so you approach hjm with fear.

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If she annoys you much send her 2 dead roses in a package with a letter from you with the best regards and Good in Life. But don’t respond and don’t ever respond to her messages nor salutes. Make her feel she died for you by ignoring her.
Next she will probably destroy herself trying to destroy you hahaha.

To respond to your question: The majority of people feed on each other energetically. But there are some who are better at it.

Sound like what I call a ‘malignant psychopath’ who is also a witch using the old ways, methods handed down my word of mouth through generations. Her mother or grandmother was probably a witch and taught her.

Psychopaths have no conscience, no empathy, and no fear. Would kill on a whim just for looking at them sideways, she is probably vampirising everybody she can touch especially the church congregation and that’s where the longevity comes from. They are master manipulators and can appear as anything from charming to the victim - and that’s where the money comes from, they sucker well meaning people in and take them for all they’ve got, wring them dry and discard them, maybe kill them so they don’t speak against her.


That is exactly how she is. I believe I heared that her grandmom was a witch.

What she doesn’t know about me, is that my grandmom(from the other side of the family) and my mom are witches, and so do I. She actually doesn’t know ANYTHING about me. And better that way.
I just hate how unfair is that these kind of persons go around freely and happily, without being punished.

Most psychopaths aren’t very smart, but only the really dumb ones go to prison, the rest play others too well.

If she’s worth her salt, and given she keeps cursing you, she’s watching you through divination. Which is how she knows the curses aren’t working. The mirror shield helps with that, and sending it back double or triple and you’re already doing that though. She’ll have her own shields and send backs, may vampirise it, or probably deflect into the nearest innocent when she feels like it.

I like Dra’talon for these, it’s not obvious who sent him, and he can’t be sent back as he’s not a curse. Norath (info only on balg) might be interested and can assure she doesn’t reincarnate.

An exposure spell to show everyone around her what she is is helpful in cutting off her energy supply.


Thank you. It will be super helpful.
I don’t think she uses divination. She just wants me dead because I haven’t fallen to her blackmailings andI haven never been her puppet.
She has ways of knowing whether I have died or not, as that is her aim and she will not stop until it is fulfilled. Unfortunately for her, she won’t be successful.Mirrored magick doesn’t work on her, probably because of what you have already said in the previous response. I will try with that. Thank you.

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I agree and praise Dra’talon . I recently became aware of him through EA and he is amazing

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