Curious on Evocation

I’m curious… I’ve been doing. Lot of research and I’ve see a lot of people say that evocation is disrespectful (as opposed to invocation).

My question is… WHY?

Also… if it is so disrespectful…why are there so many people talking about it and doing it?

who said it? on here?

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I can’t remember if I’ve seen that on here or not. The most recent time I read it was in a book on Demonolatry magick.

By j Thorpe

I see, I think they mean its disrespectful if you treat the Beings like in a ritual with a prison circle surrounded by Judeo Abrahamic names and command them like slaves, imagine doing that with Lucifer or Astarte, itd be pretty disrespectful no? heck youd be an asshole, imagine if it was you in their place getting commanded like that, I think thats why they say some methods of evocation are disrespectful, because, done like this, they are 100 percent disrespectful.


Indeed, demonolatry is one of those currents deeming evocation as not respectful. There’s a basis as in classical grimoires the spirit is bound inside the triangle, commanded and, before that, cursed in case of delay to appear. Still, for example cursing may very well be avoided and the triangle be considered as a shape facilitating manifestation.

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Got it! So not evocations per se but the commanding! That makes sense!

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yes, thats the only reason why I would think it would be disrespectful, aside from maybe wasting the spirits or divinities time, but i dont believe the Royal Divine ever truly believes you are wasting their time, and are willing to help, provided the magickian understands how to comport him or herself in the ritual.

This is religious propaganda spread by demonalators like S. Connolly, who worship demons. Ignore it.

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I see. Thank you @DarkestKnight

May I ask why you say it is propaganda?

Because it’s not true, and it’s purpose is to make people afraid of evocation on the off chance it will “offend” the demon.

It’s the exact same line of thinking as the Christian magicians who say it is not right to evoke angels, or Jesus. That only prayer is supposed to be used.


Gotcha! Thanks.

Hmm… I’ve never even heard of anyone evoking Jesus

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Several people on this forum have lol

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I’m with @DarkestKnight on this 100%. Most people who tell you it’s disrespectful are likely ones who have goals to worship demons in a religious sense or see themselves as somehow inferior to demons.

If that’s their view, they’re welcome to their opinion, but if you see them more as business partners/friends and want to experience mutualism as opposed to worshipping them and supplicating, you don’t need to go down that road.

A couple of days ago, I evoked Duchess Bune using the GoM method in Demons of Magick. She was super sweet and kind to talk to. Even though I used their methods it didn’t hurt her and there was mutual respect all around. She knew I didn’t want to harm her and vice versa.

People who tell you it’s harming the demon are likely just taking the train to imagination land and thinking how they would feel if they were in the circle/triangle/random geometric shape. Demons are spirits (not human) so the same rules don’t always apply.


Interesting. Makes a lot of sense though.

So not everyone who works with the demons is a Demonolator? I was wondering about that as I was looking around.

Thanks for the clarity

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Wow. Lol. I guess I’ll have use the search bar on that one!

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Not at all. You can be what you want to be. You can worship them if you choose and some will really dig feeding off of your energy. But if you don’t want to bow to everything else in the universe you can learn to cultivate the power in you and stand on your feet as an equal instead of a slave.

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I am a ceremonial magician. I have no altars and don’t supplicate myself.


Following up on DK’s comments I don’t even know that I identify as anything other than perhaps a sorcerer.

I’m LHP (Left Hand Path) in the sense that I feel free to do what I want, but I don’t worship the darkness like some. I like the light too. I just use what I need in the given circumstances. I do own candles, altar, dagger, but only use them in some cases. When I work GoM Magick I don’t use any tools at all unless
I feel like it.

Feel free to PM me if you want to talk about experiences or tips or continue questions here. There’s a host of free info in the search function. Almost everything has been talked about at some point.

Thank you! I will PM you shortly!