Curious novice here

Hello everyone!

I’m a mid twenties male living in the uk called oli :smiley: I’ll try to answer any questions if you’re interested as I won’t bog this down with too many details… Recently got into shamanism and channeling but before this I was into new age spirituality and healing. I’ve been getting psychic events happen like precognition, seeing spirits and telepathy. My main goal is to develop an ability to talk with entities as I desire health advice.

I was brought here by a blog writer and member that mentioned this as a Much better place to learn than facebook, the member has never linked their blog so I won’t but they’re out there quietly and humbly sharing the good word. It does seem great here even though I’ve just arrived.

Who or and what would you guys look to if you had to attempt to heal people and for help in developing clairaudience?
Lilith? Ceremonial magic?


Welcome to the BALG forum :slight_smile:

Please avail yourself of the search function in the upper right (the little magnifying glass). There are many threads available on developing clairaudience as well as spirits of healing.

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Ok will do, thank you!
:eyes: Had already used the search once so should have thought of that :ok_hand:

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