Curious contacts with astaroth

the first time I contacted astaroth was the unintentional as I was only looking for information about her, after seeing part of a video in which she was asked for her fortune she appeared in the form of a Banshee who approached my grandmother and scared her .
the second time I made contact with her through a ritual I dedicated to her, she appeared in a dream like an angel with armor and black wings when she woke up from sleep, she began to drag me while I had paralysis from sleep.
on the third contact it happened while looking at his seal at that moment a static voice was heard in my head to which a female voice told me, what? at that time the communication was cut.
the questions i have is
Why did you start dragging me?
As for his first appearance shortly after, the reason for his form was shown because it was a warning.
As for sleep paralysis, it usually happens when I contact spirits.

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