Curious: can many sprits be evoked at the same time?

hi, can many sprits be evoked at the same time if they are all related to the same thing? or must it be like one by one? As an example, I would like to evoke vapula, andrealphus, and a few others, can it be done all at the same time ?

Yes. Design your ritual as you wish; it’s your ritual.

I’ve been in rituals where this was done.

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Yes, I’ve evoked up to nine so far, mainly as that has been the most I have tried so far


If you want to learn about evoking multiple spirits at the same time, I highly recommend picking up a copy of Evoking Eternity, by EA Koeting. He covers all the nuances of evocation, including multiple spirits with a single magician.


Nothing is impossible.


Thank you for this recommendation! Will this help me connect with thoughtforms such as Gaia and Babaji?

thank you

thank you, I will definitely check that book out !!

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ahh, I see