You created those Sigils yourself?

No I used pre made ones and perfected them in a paint program and then added the border and words

Ok so I’m letting my creative side flow a little… you said create a sigil for each intent. So what if I end up creating a symbol that already represents something?

Can I show you the ones I have created?

I have created a symbol for each Lucifer Lilith and King Paimon the three entities I want to work with can someone explain to me how I should “activate” or offer them? I have already offered Lucifer’s and I meditate with it along with his original sigil. Should I do the same in the future with Lilith’s and King Paimon’s

sorry I missed your post and response, if you put @aprentiz somewhere in your posts, that directs it to my attention :slight_smile:

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Noted. May I PM you something? @Aprentiz

Absolutely :slight_smile:

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