Curing stds

Is there a spirit that can cure or prevent the spread of an STD? I’m just curious.

Preventing the spread is fairly simple.
The god is latex, specifically his form known as the condom…


okay, lets get to curing it. Is there a spirit that powerful

Marbas is good for health things, but also a good GP and antibiotic or treatment plan should come first.

Some of these can kill you so medical is important too

Marbas can kill you. But he probably won’t. Raphael is the one I’m legally obligated obliged to suggest.

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If you have an STD the easiest path and the one of least resistance is going to the doctor, most have a cure and the few that don’t can be treated.


For that, you’ll need to find a doctor rank human. Allow them to do whatever tests need done and they will outline a course of treatment for your diseases.

In the event you couldn’t tell, I’m telling you:

instead of asking about gods and demons, wear condoms and go to the fucking doctor. The d in std stands for diseases.
that shit’s serious.


Just go to a doctor


Actually I don’t. I wanna know cause I wanna be a healer

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Since it’s not for you, just generally speaking, some STDs can only be cured with antibiotics, others can’t be cured at all, and worst of all some can kill you in a short amount of time. I would always have safe sex and be tested for each new partner. Some people believe when the stds they have contracted were not curable but livable, they found it helpful managing stress to prevent flare ups. Sorry it’s the mom in me talking , you don’t want any VD!

Not everything I ask has to be something personal. I could ask how to Use a spirit to heal someone’s trauma. Doesn’t mean I’m dealing with that.


It always amazes me how people jump to conclusions on here without reading the scope of the post.

I admire your goal to become a healer, the world needs more of you :slight_smile:

Each magickal path has its own methods of healing. I have heard of voodoo curing the aids virus, reiki curing cancer.

The encyclopedia of demons by Theresa Bane is a great resource that may be of use to you on your journey.


Check out Louise Hay work :slight_smile:


That is amazing to know you want to be a healer haven met many but it’s a good goal work with all and any that can teach you about herd and med and those who heal I’m going to go e a short list
Sabknock curedvmy babies cancer

Marbus I haven’t worked with

Realph was mentioned already

Micheal the angle I think he heals as well

Working with both side will give you the best advantage to obtain your goal il consider studying modern medicine as well if I were you hoe remedies too



Yeah it’s possible.

how to cure diseases though, not sure.

Raphael and Marbas are the only ones that come to mind immediately, though the world is littered with Deities who are reputed to have healing powers.

Another way to go about healing, if you want to be a healer, is employing entities with manipulation skills to promote healthy living habits in your community. Or maybe scatter sigils around your town that are created for and charged with the intent of promoting specific habits, such practicing safe sex for one sigil, and regular exercise for another. If you are wanting to promote health and wellness, there are many ways to go about it, and creative magickal prevention tactics could be useful if you would find personal fulfilment in such activities.

Michael, the angle of the arc Image result for angle of an arc



What is that?

Angle of the Archangel Michael?

I was making fun of her grammar playfully. This is just an angle of an arc.

I came here for the title and stayed for the replies, lol, but if there WAS a being (namely a god) that could help you (whether that be by leading you to medical treatments or simply leading you to get a free pack of condoms from someone) it would be Asclepius.

He was a God of Medicine who, during his time on earth was famed for being even better than Apollo himself. He was rumored to have cured many things, and he had followers who were renowned doctors.

If you’re wanting something less godly, the Archangel Raphael is known for being a healer as well. In stories he has cured the blind, and there are several Christian’s or people whom believe in him specifically who have made extravagant claims about his power as well. I’m not stating he’ll cure you per say, but he’ll likely lead you to a healthier outcome.

Again, I cannot stress this enough, modern medicine and condoms work wonders. As well as making sure who you sleep with isn’t someone who doesn’t use Protection when with strangers. The best cure to anything is refraining from being ignorant.