Curing AIDS or other serious illnesses?

Is it possible, or does anybody know of a story where a persons successfully worked with a spirit, whether it be an angel a demon or a thoughtform or an elemental or an alien or whatever, and managed to cure themselves of a serious “incurable” disease such as AIDS or cancer?

I have read of one such case in the book Frabato by Bardon.

as far as i see it you can learn to cure everything by learning to compress the elements in each organ and the whole body (astral, mental and physical) perfectly. You need to learn much about anatomy for this aswell i suppose. Learn how everything is working and how to findout whats out of balance to then cure it by a specific healing frequency (all somehow related to the elements)

somewhere in here is a chart to learn the best frequencies for healing from i think:

Some of Sandra Ingerman’s work looks into that, you “transfigure” into the element then command it to enter the organ, I don’t have my notes on it any more (I had a bunch of stuff downloaded from healing forums etc) but there should be material online somewhere.