Cure for crohn’s disease

Can magick cure Crohn’s disease?

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Yes, it can. Search for President Marbas and Azazel. They are both very good with healing.

I actually asked angel Micheal then saw no results then I evoked marbas. Felt more promising. I don’t know why but angel Micheal usually gives me slow results. From my experience. Anyone care to say why?

I helped someone with Crohn’s disease before. I doubt it cured her but she was thankful. Pardon me for potentially sounding ignorant. I dont fully know the symptoms but my friend couldnt poop. I had her mix cardamom oil into some coconut oil and rub it on her belly. She told me it worked so well she didnt need to do it the following day. Again, sorry if I’m way off with this. I’m just sharing my past experiences.

I don’t believe magick can cure diseases, it can possibly help to lessen it with real treatment possibly but cure I highly doubt it and to say with absolute is bordering on false hope and flight of fantasy.

Theres a couple other options but I dunno if youre gonna like em.

  1. Look up Dr.Joe Dispenza on youtube. He claims he fused his spine back together with the power of thought. He claims his method has also helped people that have been blind their whole life see. It’s pretty wild stuff. I believe when he says be nothing, be nobody, be nowhere- he’s just using his own words to describe the theta gamma sync. I myself have not had much luck with this, but then again I havent tried that hard either. I find it interesting none the less. (My favorite interview of his is with a man named Avery- try to find that one)
  1. Most of an atom isn’t there & atoms make up everything. So most of everything isn’t here, everything is bound in nonphysical energy. Call it ether, call it akash- whatever the name I believe it to be the fifth elemental enegry so often spoken of across the world. This is what Tesla was working with, nonphysical energy. Check out tensor tools, specifically the sacred cubit feedback loop. I’d be able to help you from a distance if I had one, but I havent gotten that one yet. Get a photo of yourself, with your stomach in the photo of course. Place the SCFBL on your stomach & let it do its thing.

The science behind both methods is you are not your physical body. It’s like Russian nesting dolls, the physical body being the smallest one. The disturbance started outside the body and manifested as disease inside the body.

I understand how outrageous this sounds but considering the nature of this forum and your question, its safe to say this isnt the weirdest thing youve heard by a long shot. I have seen some amazing things with my tensor tools,
this is what I would do if I were in your shoes. Wishing you the best, and if anything I’ve said has helped you please lemme know! Thank you.

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Call on the archangel Raphael to cure crones decease. Stay open to any result. Search for a good specialist that can help you with it. And seek alternative methods as well. Attack from all angles. When you mix force and form in magick and force and form in the mundane you get powerful magick results. You’re giving your magick ways to work and opportunities to exploit.

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And perhaps what she says can help^^ but don’t forget that doctors can help. And so can different herbs, plants. Play the long term game with something as serious as this so that you win. I heard going alkaline(diet with little to no acidic foods) cures a tremendous amounts of Deceases. Cant tell you from experience. I hope you get what you’re looking for. Stay strong :heart:
Fasting as well etc. you’ll find a way.

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Yes! Great point. Although I have absolutely no confidence in Western medicine, theres doctors from all over the world. Dr.Sebi is a great example. Theres a book called Akaline Herbal Medicine (reverse disease and heal the electric body) by Aqiyl Aniys. I have a copy of it, but I’m already attempting to read three books at once haha. Its on my reading list for sure though.

Go for whatever makes you feel like it’s a good option. Trust your guts. Also, I agree with the guys above, you should try all methods of healing, I’m sure you’ll be successful. The gods are always watching on us :slight_smile:

The human body is capable of amazing things, especially when paired with the intention of your consciousness.

I recommend picking up a copy of Inner Alchemy by Taylor Ellwood, to learn how to communicate with the “spirits” of your body for healing and transformation.

I also recommend an article called “Have Mind, Will Change” by Su Leybourn, in the anthology Magick on the Edge, edited by Taylor Ellwood. It describes Leybourn’s journey in using magick to reprogram and regenerate her body after a diagnosis of early onset osteoporosis.

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