Cultural Origins of Marbas

I watched the linked video from E.A. Koetting and in it, he said that key to evoking a spirit/demon would be to understand their history and culture, as demons are essentially old gods that have fallen out of public favor and been “rebranded” as “demons.”

I’m looked online, but haven’t had a lot of luck finding the cultural origins of Marbas as a demon, spirit, god, etc. I’m wondering if anyone has a source for the history of Marbas’ worship? What was the culture like of the people who worshiped him? I’m interested in exploring that as a way to know Marbas better and hopefully improve my connection with him.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Beast of Marbas


Though a common New Age belief, there is no actual historical evidence that all demons were once “old gods.” It is nothing but wishful thinking and a great deal of assumptions for the most part.

Out of the 72 spirits of the Lesser Key, we have less than a handful that can be really traced to some form of worship as a god, and a few of thos only if you count the bible as historically aaccurate.


That’s true. I guess some of them could just be spiritual entities from the get-go and never have been actively worshiped by humans. I think it’s also possible there are countless cultures and subcultures that might’ve been lost to time and the historical record. Of course, neither of those options really helps me, LOL.

I was just wondering if there was something I was missing in the scholarship of demons. I know Google Searches aren’t the “end all be all” of research, so I thought I’d inquire.


I’m starting to form the understanding that the Demons in Demonolatry fall into different categories.

Some are Old Gods that are forgotten or rejected
Some are actual “demons” of the various traditions (Christianity is not the only tradition with belief in “evil” “negative” “demonic” forces after all)
Others are spirits that may have always existed, but like you said, never had widespread worship, or did and we just didn’t know their names

Keep in mind that Daimon/Daemon/Demon is a Greek word, referring to a group of spirits that are above humans but below Gods. They are neutral, like all others, and can help or harm, depending on their nature and the aims of the person they are working with. Although it is a Greek word, I think this group of spirits is in every culture…just like guides etc…

So, some of them may not have a specific “cultural” affiliations per se. Maybe they manifest themselves all around.

I don’t know though, just my thoughts. I’ve been thinking about this same topic.