Cthulhu in HS?

I’m the single one that when is thinking about Cthulhu an image similar to this appears in mind?

That is a HS(hearthstone) card. HS it’s a card game that I played for some time and I observed that card in the game for some time and made me think about Cthulhu. Btw I never tried to make contact with those kind of entities.


Well pretty much any tentacled faced humanoid makes me think Cthulhu. Davey Jones from PotC, the Mindflayers of DnD…


Isn’t that behemoths card? Lmao just sounds familiar

I was right it’s the faceless behemoth

I thought about him one single time before sleeping, never saw any face, just a bunch of tentacles.
The same was for Nyarlatoteph!

Cuthulu and the old ones can be very subtle. I was unknowingly collecting images of them for years. Then I wound up on you tube one day and the S Ben Qayin videos showed up. I watched it and my whole body felt like it had a heartbeat. Almost instant trance and I really struggle with getting into that state. I haven’t touched the current yet because I’m already obsessive by nature and that’s a very real risk. I tend to eventually, after I build up my skills and get better about balancing magick with the mundane. Otherwise I know where I’ll end up.


Interesting experience, I am somehow a begginer too. And after some time, maybe another years of practice, researching etc. I was thinking about trying to work with those kind of entities because I was drawn and fascinated by them. But the fact that they are such a powerful kind of entities and that can mess your life kept me away from them.

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Whenever I picture Cthulhu in my mind, he looks like Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean.



What I first think when I see that card X)


Can I roll to seduce it?


See now that would be a fun campaign lol