Cthulhu-Enochian connection : A how-to guide

This thread is meant to contain practical instruction on utilizing the Lovecraftian and Enochian currents as a cohesive whole, obviously UPG ahead so feel free to check out anything you see.

As some of you with experience in Enochian and Lovecraftian magic may have noticed, there are some close connections between the two currents.

With the help of @Qayos , I’ve realized that both Lovecraft and John Dee connected to the same type of entities, and while John Dee had more skill and thus created a system with safeties and practical applications built in, Lovecraft was overwhelmed and depicted what he saw in his dreams without concern for it’s usage or meaning.

For those of you who would like to explore this further, heres a thread on reddit that could set you on your path : https://www.reddit.com/r/Lovecraft/comments/aet956/matching_lovecraftian_names_to_enochian_words_an/

Background information, what ARE these entities? They’re beings that exist in between the different universes, they’ve existed before the first one was created and they’ll exist long after the last one dies. They’re the primordials who set the stage of the universes with a lot more power than most of us would be able to imagine.

Whether Lovecraft’s Great Old Ones or John Dee’s Enochian Angels, all of them exist “outside” our reality and thus to have a fast and effective impact on our reality, they need to be anchored here. Like how Lovecraft likes to mention the cult of the Great Old One’s doing rituals to awaken their deities, John Dee has the Great Table to do the same.

By anchoring the entities to our timeline and reality, we give them a greater foothold over here to perform their tasks as well as perceive and understand them better, thus the usage of the Great Table in Enochian. The Great Table is said to contain every possible thing in existance, therefore being a great anchor for beings that dwell outside our universe, allowing them to synchronise to us and affect the world more fully.

From this point onwards I will refer to these entities as “angels” or “enochian angels” for simplicities sake.

However, while the great table has it’s own benefits and drawbacks, my focus today will be on informing everyone about a particular method of creating magickal squares to establish anchors for the Enochian Angel acting as your tutor or HGA, however it is more “detached” from you than the HGA from the Abramelin operation due to the fact that your connection will be further up the chain and thus less personal. Sort of like your bosses boss. Make sure to confirm everything you receive with trusted channels to ensure there isn’t any trickery involved.

1: Create a 16x16 square
2: Count 7 from the upper left corner
3: Enter a meditative state, focus fully on feeling, tasting, touching, and seeing in order, 1. a red ethereal fire with the fluidity of water inside a silver chalice with a white jewel on it. 2. Sparkling water in an endless ocean 3. A limitless orb reaching into the far expenses of space. This is the energetic code to access the more “educational” Enochian Angels.
4: Continue until you make contact, which you may feel as a sensation in your body, an image or sound, or any other variation of things.
5: Once you’re used to the presence, ask it what your magical name is. This name may be different from other magical names you’ve received, check it’s gematric value as well as other forms of divination you may wish to determine more about the name and it’s meaning.
6: Once received, ask the angel how many squares to move down before writing the first letter of your magical name. This symbolises the start of your magical operations with eachother.
7: From there, continue communication with the angel, and analyse every image or vision it gives you for symbolism and energetic context. As you continue working with the angel the box will continue to be filled up, eventually creating a completed square. The square once completed will act as a gateway for your angel to anchor to reality as well as provide you a gateway to effect changes in your own life, as it’s a representation of your life improved with continued spiritual alchemy and progress in reaching higher forces.

The above, with experience and ingenuity, can be used to perform any type of working, from contacting an angel of love specifically for your life, to effecting one particular situation by evoking the angel in charge of that.

As for why the square is 16x16, 16 is 4x4 thus representing the 4 elements as well as going from Macro (16x16) to Micro (4x4), it also touches upon the Great Table with 4 elemental Tables with 4 sections each.

All of these factors and more makes it a great connection to the human world, as well as also acting as a gateway for the angel to come to you, and you to go to the angel in a way perceptible to you since it’s created as a representation of our world.

There are more reasons and methods behind the numbering, but I’ll leave that for you to figure out with the added hint that you can work with both the Great Table and your personal square at the same time.

Aside from that, notice that you go 7 squares from the corners, 16x16=256 2+5+6=13.

1 Corinthians 13:7 “Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance.”

Yes I know it may be tacky to have a reference to the bible but since this is quite a dangerous working having it anchored in stuff like this makes it much safer for people to work with by trying to anchor people to the pattern of Enoch who started the working under a Christian paradigm. It also helps to ensure that the angel you contact has your best interests in mind, and makes it harder for those that don’t to access you.

Notice after starting and making contact with your angel you immediately ask for your magical name, this is to separate your path from that of Enoch or other influences such as myself, so that you gain as genuine a product as possible without the blinds and pitfalls of others standing in your way. Basically once you establish contact and ensure everything starts out smoothly, you’re already on your way to creating your own system with them.

All of this information about the ritual I received has been gained after the fact by either explanation from the angel who gave me the ritual or research on my own. The actual ritual itself was entirely given to me by an angel I worked with.

As you continue working you may discover new techniques and workings that would have greater effect, and I encourage you to test them out. However, I always recommend caution when working with these forces, look what happened to Lovecraft. Even John Dee wasn’t spared from being overwhelmed by their influence.

Always ensure that you have an outside means of verification and grounding or you may end up going off the deep end.