Does anybody use crystals in their spells? What are the uses for crystals?

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Yes, I trained to use them for things years ago, my main ongoing uses:

  1. purple amethyst for cleansing other items, it really does work;

  2. quartz points for channeling energy (direction set by intent, sounds woo-woo but it works) - I have loads of those gathered and gifted to me over the years, also a couple of double pointed ones, including in my wand, I use them around spell materials in various ways as the situation requires;

  3. black stones of various types to aborsd negativity, I have a big piece of onbsidian I use to ground myself, and indeed anyone else who’s that way inclided, after getting off the crowded rush hour traffic or tube train, it sucks up jangled energy like a pro;

  4. agate slice for scrying and as an evocation base, it’s dark greyish black and perfect.

i also have a lot of just plain rocks, incluing some that look like skulls, flint, and even bones I found washed up.

Green calcite’s good for tangibly relieving the pain of heartbreak, I actually used this on myself years ago, and gave some to a grieving friend who was amazed that it actually helped her, and iron pyrite’s good for your base chakra if you’re feeling too spaced out.

Labradorite held to your ajna chakra can be interesting as well, the thing is I do have animist beliefs and think that each crystal holds the properties of its kind, and also an individual personality - and I’ll stop on that note before I get demoted on the left from “Magician” to “WooWoo Fairy Princess”! lol


How would you use a clear quartz crystal? It says it amplifies what ever your sending out. Like boosting the signal. Put it on ur altar to make what ever your doing more powerful being sent out.? Does that make sense?

Yes, a lot of it is intuitive, you get a feel for whether you want energy coming into the spell or whether you want it going out, as with a wand that has a crystal at the end, or a small piece of crystal that fits your hand and can be used the same way.

As a general rule I have both incoming and outgoing, for example one time my income relied on phone calls from a client, and I placed a bunch of crystals by the big caller display unit I had, some facing in from her general direction and the rest facing towards me, because I wanted her to turn to me regularly and also to see me in a positive way.

Of course I couldn’t do a double-blind test to compare it to having none, but that’s an idea of how both would work, and if it was something baneful or trying to manipulate someone, I’d have the crystals pointing from the spell in the general direction of the target, with maybe a photo or BindRune (or sigil of their name on a kamea, the only limit’s your imagination and what feels most appropriate).

I guess it depends on whether you feel you’re drawing energy from them (as I was with this client really, though she got value for money) or whether you’re imposing energy upon them, or both, and that’s down to what your gut feeling says.

You can use the same crystal for both purposes but you will need to cleanse it in between, there are a lot of methods for that listed online and make sure you find the most appropriate - for example, calcite will melt in water, and coloured crystals will fade in the sun if they’re left too long. I use a small brass bell and that’s a good multi-purpose method.

It’s worth going out, even if you just go to a park in a city, to find some stones that have meaning as well, because many crystals are mined in undesirable ways and then the small round ones are tumbled in huge drums, they still work, but finding something natural is always a good feeling - when Hindus find a stone or other formation that naturally resemble one of their gods, that’s considered especially sacred, and “self manifested.”

I collected a circle that represents the cycle from conception to birth, death, and immortality and have them to basically represent my Universe when I do “Law Of Attraction” related things.

That’s funny. When I was a little kid. I found these 2 huge pieces of pink quartz crystals they were huge. Lol. The way I found them was weird they were behind my grandfathers garage. I was 6 I thought I was rich when I found them. Like some Indiana jones artifact. Lol