Crystals, third eyes, dreams and monsters

Hey guys !

I made a post earlier talking about how I got some new crystals and how excited I was to integrate this into my magical practice

The crystals I got were :

Milky quartz
Clear quartz
Celestine or Celestite ( take your pick )

I’m a total rock nerd so I’ll try not to ramble too much about the geologic and esoteric properties of these crystals/rocks

Lately my clair senses have been triggered a lot without any doing of my part and the feeling of deja vu keeps getting intense and so do my dreams. Five nights ago I had a dream within a dream. And I hadn’t done anything remotely magical for a while.

It felt like the more I tried to ignore it the more intense these coincidences got.

So I decided to get back into the rhythm of energy work, something my dear friend suggested and I thought of combining crystal energy to help with this.

I’ll tell you this, crystals have a lot more power than we give them credit for, I like to think of them like nature’s own unique qualities stored in a lattice that is constantly re inventing itself.

I’ll cover some basics with crystals before I continue this (most of you probably already know this but it doesn’t hurt to still put this out there )

Clear quartz is like the jack of all trades when it comes to crystals, it’s been used in healing for centuries by the tribal men and women versed in the Lore of sorcery and the old woman by the edge of the village who healed the sick and sold her charms, by the magicians who worked with the heavens and the hells and all in between.

Clear Quartz acts as two main things: a purifier and an amplifier. Also all crystals can store energy and it keeps on adding more energy to that already stored so it’s basicakly a self rechargeable battery.

Clear quartz can help to cleanse other crystals of lingering energies you don’t want plus it helps to purify energy gotten from other sources ( vampirism anyone ? Yup clear quartz is your man when you want to go vamping)

It also amplifies energy meaning that it can help make the energy of other crystals stronger and more concentrated. There are other properties of clear quartz too

Milky quartz : this is a special one, milky quartz stores information in little hydrogen bubbles, the more information it stores the more bubbles there are and the cloudier it gets. Milky quartz has been on the earth for centuries recording all that information that you can access using the right techniques. Fun fact, milky quartz can get clearer the more you use it as you’re taking in the information it’s ofdering but it gets cloudier by itself because it stores that information again.

Haematite is an earth based crystal, think of grounding and you’ve got it. Haematite is often referred to as blood stone. It’s also an iron oxide meaning that it anchors you very well. So if you ever feel like you need to stand your ground haematite is your man. There are other uses of haematite as well

Amber: Commonly known as Freya’s tears. Legend goes that as Freya wept for her lost husband Od, her tears crystallized into the Amber we know today. Amber is basically fossilized tree sap ( my friend calls it tree pee but anyways ) it’s a very useful crystals because it’s basically Freya’s crystal. Think of the properties that Freya possess and you can understand the crystal, it helps with wealth and abundance spells, for farm growth, to get to know plant devas and for psychic development too

So now hat we have some of that all cleared I can move on to my energy working.

I decided to do some energy work on my third eye and figure out what these flashes of intuition and imagery were and how I can use it to my advantage.

My technique basically consisted of taking in pure energy from the abyss ( cosmos ) into my crown chakra and passing it through my third eye.

I payed down on the floor and charged and consecrated clear quartz (for clarity and to amplify the energies I would be working with ) and amber I called on Freya’s presence to enhance my clairvoyance. I placed each of these because my head by my lower ears

I then placed the milky quartz over my third eye ( it kind of felt right at the moment ) in retrospect I guess the whole thing kind of formed a triangle although I didnt mean it too .

The energy work was really intense I could feel the clear quartz helping with keeping my head clear of thoughts, I was able to focus on pulling in the energy into my crown chakra and pushing it out through my third eye. As I did progressed into the exercise, the milky quartz on my head got colder and colder and my body was vibrating with energy.

I finished the exercise and put some haematite in my pocket to ground me because I was feeling out of sorts but I soon felt normal after a while.

I went to New York this weekend. I had two more deja vu monents in less then 24 hours. I couldsee the scene okay out in my minds eye and I could almost predict the words the people around me would have said. It gave me the chills.

The dream said haven’t let up either ( I use amber lead quartz and milky quartz for dreamwork now ) my already vivid dreams have taken a life of its own.

Last night I dreamt that I found a cult of people trying to raise this behemoth type of monster. I can’t remember if I was in the cult or not but I met some of the people in there. They succeeded in raising the monster and he proceeded to start destroying things and by that time people were fleeing and I ran too with a female magical practitioner, we ran and then I woke up with a start.

I’ve had a recurring theme of sorcery or magic of some sort in all these dreams and I’m trying to figure it out.


Any thoughts or possible interpretations?


So far, only that this is a first-class tutorial on crystals, and I’ve bookmarked it for future beginner questions on the topic, so thanks for that!

Interesting experiences and I know what you mean about that level of deja vu, it happens to me sometimes and it’s… well, interesing! :smiley:


In my experience when i started opening my third eye and mirror chakras i was sick 7-8 Days everyday I ate 1 - 2 things and everyday i had a bad dream idk why now i done a break for some time :smiley:


I’ve got a clear quartz pointe, a rose quartz pointe, and a selenite palm stone (this was given to me over the weekend and I am in love!). Hoping to grow my collection since I do feel energy from them.


Thank you! I hope you got over the typos in there ( i was just so hyped to share the results with everyone one :slight_smile: ) oh and autocorrect has part of the blame too :slight_smile:

I can post more about crystals and energy workings later on as I experiment more :slight_smile:


Yes it is ! It was so intense and something I had never experienced before. I think I’m going to try doing that exercise every night from now and noting my results :slight_smile:


Does this dream give you lovecraftan vibes ? @Aiden_Crow

What’s the behemoth look like?


Tentacles of some sort, eldritch looking, it seemed the more I tried to look, the less concrete the image was. I ran away from it though, it really felt like it was going to destrog everything around it


Maybe. Ask Cthulhu.


Yeah I was thinking of him too, I’ll try to do more work on uncovering the meanings behind these dreams