Crystals Help With Spirits!?!

What crystals help to communicate with the dead and spirits? I know meditation is necessary but what crystals help with this? Thank you!

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Any advice would also be appreciated. I’m basically looking to talk to people who have passed.

Eh crystals are just another tool imop, nice to have but not necessary for communication. There’s a few different types that are said to enhance and aid communication with spirits, but I’m not sure I’ve cross any that labeled any of them particularly as enhancing communication with dead spirits. I would just browse a somewhat generic list and then choose what appeals most to you and your budget- if you feel drawn to implementing crystals in your practice to aid with this.

A pendulum could be useful as well as knowing that of of this forum, it’s often believed that the senses that allow you to sense the dead are different from those claires that allow you to sense other types of spirits. I personally feel that is true at least to an extent as the dead are something I’ve been able to sense naturally most of my life, but other types of spirits have taken a lot more work.

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I like this website for a generic link to most types of crystals to just grab information from when I am looking for something new to add to my crystal collection.


Celestite and Angelite for communicating with ‘positive’ spirits, I also really like Kyanite and Moldavite. You could go with some Selenite and Obsidian for protection too (Obsidian is great for ‘darker’ spirits)


I think there’s about 12 different crystals associated with communication.

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I see, so its more of a tool. The only way to talk to spirits in this plane is to practice the theta gamma sync essentially?

The only way is to develop your Claire’s. Trance is useful for a variety of things but not necessary for communication either.

Sometimes spirits just pop in while your doing life - lol if you had to be in trance always your miss them.

But trance is a good place for rituals and making things happen

So how do you develop the Clairs? I thought the TGS was how you developed them.

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No, trance is just the first step. You still have to perform developmental exercises for your senses.

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google or search bar claires, astral senses etc. There’s a few guides and lots of threads on different ways to develop the senses :slight_smile: