Crystals and the elements

Can I use the accumulation of earth to load any crystal or gemstone? Or do they also have elemental correspondences?

they do. look into naturalistic magic, or natural magic, it s called this domain.

Is this the reason why calcit stone I wanted to load did not worked like the hematit did through my accumulation of the earth element?

try to cleanse it, before charging it with whatever energy.
put it for 2 mins in running cold clear water.
then use what charging method you use

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I always clean the crystals with the cold water in my chalice symbolizing the water element. It’s the loading progress I seek information about.

Running, water. On any object you seek to newly charge. Else, it won’t release any etheric charges the rock might have from before.
It also could not work because only pure crystals, metals, rocks can be etheric energy condensors. The calcite may be a mixture of dirt and etc.
Try only pure crystals when you want to charge them.
The charging process may vary, use one you trust and it should be okay.

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Selenite for me is the best, it cleanse and charge other crystals, and on top of that selenite doesnt need any cleansing ever…

In elemental correspondences it’s tied to the element of water. Does this mean it can only be loaded with the element of water?

Again I do not talking about the progress of cleaning but loading. To load crystals with the accumulation of the elements it can only be done by the element that corresponds to the crystal?

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It is what I meant, when the crystal is cleansed then the link between you and the crystal is easier. On a personal level, I never loaded a crystal. I rather tried to communicate with it and I was able to do it, to a smokey quartz, that was meant for me. When it replied back to my link of thoughts, the crystal communicated faintly, slowly and in words that were not really know to me. Images can be used to load a crystal, you visualize the entire thing.