Crystals and spirits

Which crystals should i get for dantalion and astaroth? For correspondence

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I’m going to tag someone I know who works a lot with crystals and herbs, but I don’t know if she has the answer.

You could try google, but these things are sometimes upg and other times common enough amongst the masses to form an association.

You could try tapping into your intuition or asking for a sign too to find crystals that would serve your purposes but might not be known/well known associations.

@Czar_Lish do you work with spiritual associations with your crystal work as well as the others things you study?

If not sorry for bothering you :blush:

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Can’t go wrong with clear quartz.

I would argue that smoky quartz would have a lot of utility with darker spirits.

(Obsidian and other dark stones would be good for very dark types of spirits)

From there, there’s a few ways to go about determining crystals.

Generally crystals associations tend to be related to their colors and some other properties.

You would then look at the spirits offices and associations and determine what planetary or chakra associations they fall under.

Astaroth is a very divinitory spirit.

If you look at the sigil, the cross part is part of an enlongated Venus symbol :female_sign:, and then Astaroth governs the Jupiter sphere within the qliphoth.

This would give you colors, Blue, Green (possibly pink), and purple

(In the case of more intellectual offices pertaining to"teaching sciences", you might go with “solar” stones [yellow/gold])

Dantalion usually comes into play for emotions and stuff.

I would say that Moonstone (and lunar stones) and Lapis Lazuli would be good bets for Dantalion, and possibly Rose Quartz. While I’m thinking about it, calming types of stones, as Dantalion can be very calming or “cool”.

For sure, I’d say Lapis Lazuli for Astaroth.


I’m always still learning but for a specific entity, first I Google around and find out if anyone’s written about the particular spirit and the crystals that resonate with it. Search terms (at least for me) usually go something like (example) “offerings for Bob crystal attributes”.
If not much info is found that way, I’d look into what the attributes of the spirit are (element, planet, Zodiac, numerology, etc…) and then match a crystal that has similar or compatible attributes.
Sometimes I’ll meditate on the spirit (or do some research- preparatory immersion), then look through the crystals I have. Then, some seem to jump out like “pick me!” and then I’ll use those.
Some resources I use are
iPhone apps: citrine circle, crystal council -these let you search by attribute (element, planet, etc…)
Book: Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem & Metal Magic by Scott Cunningham

For example, Astaroth
A quick search brought up VK jehannum’s blog, which often has info about the spirits’ attributes like [here] (Astaroth – V.K. Jehannum) but you have to scroll down a bit:
Element Earth,
Planets Venus; Neptune; Saturn; Jupiter
Zodiac: Taurus, Capricorn
Conveniently, he also put some offerings including some herb and crystal attributes: Ruby, Cinquefoil, Vervain, Mugwort, Emerald, The Blood of a Sea Tortoise, Copper, Beryl, Lemon, Sandalwood, Dragon’s Wort, Mauve, Juniper

However, if there aren’t any crystals listed…
I just searched in citrine circle and a couple of the stones found include red beryl (beryl is also listed above in VK’s info) or hanksite (both of these stones came up when I searched element earth, Zodiac Taurus)
In crystal council, one stone found is ruby in kyanite which is earth element and planet Neptune (ruby is also listed above in VK’s info)
Hope that makes sense

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