Crystals and Charms

Does anyone have any experiences using charms and/or crystals for positive energy they would be willing to share ?

Just positive energy…:thinking: now that’s a never ending list,

Would you like a crystal that you can wear that will promote positivity or attract?

I wear lapis lazuli and obsidian, you could start with some rose quartz, Amethyst or Tigers Eye.

I don’t think it’s so much about during positivity to you but more aiding and resolving, allowing the positivity to grow from within which in turn attracts more positivity.

For example … Tiger Eye it promotes inner strength and confidence which will start radiate from you.
Allowing your perspective to change and support you in difficult situations and helping you to deal with unexpected Negativity so you can remove it.

That’s just my thoughts though…

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black kyanite and black tourmaline

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though they are more used to repel negativity, but they are very powerful, maybe they can help

Thank you :blush:

For me, hematite and amethyst do the job.
I use amethyst in my pendulum too , to rid myself from negative emotions and energy before I do divination.

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