Crystallizing the aura?

I watched a Damien Echols video the other day that spoke about the Cabbalistic Cross and Middle Pillar. He mentioned that this ritual did several things but one of the things he said it does is crystalize the aura. Then he says that when we die with a crystalized aura our conciousness will have a way to stay intact when we die. Instead of being dispersed out into the universe. (or something along those lines)
That is where I got confused.

Don’t folks like Martinists want a reintegration? So by remaining seperate doesn’t that thwart the process?
What am I missing here? (if we stay in our crystallized aura does that mean we become ghosts without a chance to reincarnate, or does it mean that we reincarnate fully into a new body with all the things we have learned, so we would just start over where we left off when we died)

I am confused.

Thank you

I believe what he means is a type of spiritual immortality. The ability to exist and persist even after your physical death. There are a lot of cultures around the world that believe that an ‘afterlife’ is not just automatic for people. People don’t just ‘become’ ghosts because most peoples being will get absorbed back into the cycle of reincarnation or into the origin of all things. It takes a strong will, and developed spiritual energy, hence the ‘‘crystalizing of the aura’’, to be able to persist for as long as you want after death.

I think he is basically talking about a type of internal alchemy (the symbols and vibrations of the rituals laid out doing the work.), and a lot of magical groups and lodges and mystical cultures have that sort of view of the world. It is even talked about in BALG content to a degree when it talks about achieving apotheosis and rising to Godhood, that would also break you away from this cycle and allow you to realize the nature of the universe.

Everyone has a different name for it, and its always flavored by the mystics cultural heritage.

I am not sure what most peoples end goals are, but reintegration and existing as a separate entity does not have to be conflicting or contradictory. It is not like some of those who have excelled at the RHP, for example, studied Bardons works all their life, reach the pinnacle, suddenly vanish off the face of the earth (physically). It is more of a state of being, I think, a gradual climb to the broad ‘enlightenment’.

I dont know for sure 100% xD tho. These are just my guesses at what you are describing to me.


I used to crystallize my Aura for defense. Never thought of this.

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I’ve been thinking about immortality today… I believe its possible… But won’t be only about the aura… Alone… The entire package… The nadis… Sushumna… Perception… Aura… Chakra… Its a lifelong endeav