Crystal/Stone Meditation

Hello everyone, Happy New Year to you all. I been in and out of this forum mainly because been so busy creating beautiful wedding gowns, now that i have some time to myself before next client and been dying to get back in here. :smiley:

I have a question about a Stone I found on the beach a few years ago, It’s shaped like half a face, chin, cheek bones, mouth, has a natural hole where the eye is and has a 3x Faces on it when i actually looked at it when i got it home. Anyway, I done a meditation on the stone and the spirit of the stone showed up with 3x heads, the main spirit told me that i may have a wish and it will be granted, it took me by surprise and i couldn’t think straight away what to wish for because so many things i wanted, i didn’t want to just wish for something i would regret later. I asked them if i can make the wish when i have thought about what i want/need and they disappeared. I came out of my meditation and had a good think about a wish.
I tried a few days later to meditate on the stone again but this time the spirits didn’t show, i tried again several times after that but still no show!! Can anyone tell me if there’s an invocation or a way to get them back? Is there a normal Spirit Invocation to get these spirits to return or does anyone have any suggestions?? Thank you in advance.

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To achieve this extended state of consciousness, conductors tend to think of trying to overcome global influences and tackle larger projectors. Use (grief crystals)They can imagine looking for specific spirits of the dead or they can be contacted, they seem unscathed, by an unknown force who wishes to communicate.