Crystal fairy or crystal angelic therapy FREE

I believe I’ve been here over three months which it’s the required amount of time before you can offer a free service for practice. If I’m wrong would a mod be so kind as to correct me and lock the topic.

I’m offering either crystal fairy healing or angelic healing therapy to the first three takers. And only three. As this will take a little time and is a bit different.

Thank you for your participation if you choose to do so.

Remember first three only. After I’m done I may do another round. But not sure yet.

If you choose the fairy crystal healing I can give a reading with my crystal fairy cards and access your needs.

Of if you like I can do a crystal healing alone without fairies or angels. Your choice.

Please let me know in the comments which you prefer. And a basic idea of your need. You may private message that information if you wish.


I’ll take a crystal fairy healing! :raised_hand:

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I’d greatly appreciate an angelic one for healing. Thanks in advance.

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I will appreciate an angelic one

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Ok that’s my three. I will post my work for each of you on Wednesday.

Thank you. :angel: :fairy:


Hello @crookedpathfinder

This morning I began working your healing. Since you chose the fairy crystal healing I did a three card reading with my handy dandy crystal fairy cards.

The cards were rose quartz, garnet , and lady Gaia (emerald)

So going on the first card the rose quartz is a stone of unconditional love and connects to emotions and matters of the heart.
Perhaps you are at times too hard on yourself. Maybe self love is what what this card is speaking to you. To unconditionally love yourself. It’s ok to love yourself. Heal your own self as everything starts with self and then radiates outward.

There maybe some past issues that you struggle to let go of and heal from. Rose quartz is here to help you heal. And move on.

The second card was the garnet. Garnet is all about your personal power, leadership, courage and spiritual path. I feel garnet is speaking to you to take control of your personal power, maybe something in your past is holding you back. Garnet can help to heal any past pains and give you a push to move ahead. Garnet can help you to come to your personal power and be bold and brave while you walk you on your own path.

The third card was lady Gaia the emerald.
This stone connected to the lady Gaia is about rebirth, the emerald ray, creation, divine feminine.
This stone is speaking to you of renewal, rebirth, to birth a new beginning , a great venture. This is a good omen to show up in your reading.
You maybe carrying old wounds perhaps from childhood or past lives. Lady Gaia can help you heal and move forward.

To me this reading is all about love not only for others but for yourself as well and most importantly. To heal from any past traumas and and let go, be bold and step into your personal power and take your journey knowing you are loved and strong enough and smart enough to be your destiny.

Now what I did was strategically place your crystals on a crystal grid, rose quartz, garnets and emeralds. I used the seed of life grid as I feel with your reading it was going back to the root of things, the heart of the matter. Go back and heal the past and move ahead.

I also used one selenite, one tigers eye, and four Herkimer diamonds. Herkimer diamonds are the most powerful crystals , they are double terminated, which means they can transmit their frequencies and receive them. They can then strengthen and direct this energy based on the intent of the user. The manifest high frequency light so they are powerful amplifiers of spiritual energy. They also connect to the stellar gateway chakra.

I have placed the grid with the crystals on my altar and burned a lovely rose incense. And set the intent for your healing process to begin.

I also placed a clear quarts crystal skull in the middle of your grid. Should add to a powerful mix. :slightly_smiling_face:

These are the cards.

Here is your healing grid on my altar with the intent for strong heals of the heart and emotions, healing to take control and regain personal power and healing for a rebirth of self.


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I will try to do another one tonight. Though it might be tomorrow before I have time.


I feel like your reading is right on the money.


Love and blessings sister :pray: :sparkles:


Might be a synchronicity that this was stuck in my head. Lol

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That’s awesome! Music speaks to us all the time, it’s a great way for spirits to communicate with us.

Inwill greatly take an angelic healing!

Greetings @Jernail_Evans

Since I do not have Angel cards, I used a secret method of mine for readings.

The three angels that spoke through to me are Raphael, Michael, and Gabriel. I was originally only seeing Raphael and Michael and was going to leave it at two. But Gabriel would not be overlooked. :heart:

Now Raphael first is known to be the angel of healing. He can heal body, mind and spirit. He can heal the heart. Is said to guard the tree of life. Raphael , believes all things can be healed through love. Brings joy.

The stone that resonates with this for this healing is emerald. Heals negative emotions, opens the heart chakra, brings harmony to all aspects of life.

So on your grid I used two emeralds.

The second angel Michael,. Is the blue flame , protector. 1st ray of protection , resides over food and knowledge.
Michael, will provide great protection and bring wisdom. Along with basics like food.

For this I felt sapphire what the stone of choice. Sapphire is known as the wisdom stone. It releases negative thought patterns, brings inner wisdom, intuition and amplifies spiritual healing.

I have placed two sapphires on your healing grid.

The last angel Gabriel,. The ascension flame. Messenger, wisdom, guidance, new beginnings , inspiring, opens 3rd eye, opens doors, helps overcome fear, pushes one into action.

For this Angel I felt lead to the Ishuko red phantom quartz. It’s has very grounding energy, promotes action and drive, radiates the energy you need to energize both the mind and spirit. Builds fearlessness. Helps heal the Base Chakra. Helps guide one to a new path.

For it’s great hounding abilities I placed this quartz in the center of your grid.

Now as I was doing this I was aware that I needed to use Metatron’s cube grid.

Metatron, is great for a general energy cleanse but also clears negative beliefs and fears.

Last, I placed two rose quartz on your grid. As rose quartz is great for healing matters of the heart and areas of love and relationships.

I feel that your healing deals with matters of the mind, heart and spiritual self. To find your inner voice of wisdom, heal any wounds of negativity, to know you are well protected and to inspire you to be fearless and chase your dreams and new beginnings.

Here is a picture of your grid that will sit on my altar and I will burn a lovey incense and see your healing taking place.

This all I have time for tonight. Will do the third one tomorrow. :slightly_smiling_face::heart:

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Man… I wasn’t expecting that much. I appreciate you for bringing to light many things.

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Hiya @Michellekabod , here is your angelic crystal healing. The three angels that can through the loudest for me were, Uriel, Gabriel, and Raphael.

Uriel is connected to forgiveness, mental and emotional understanding, inner power , and heals all aspects of life.
Color yellow.

For Uriel I was lead to use pineapple calcite. Which stimulates the higher mind. Can lift you out of depression, clears the mind to access inner wisdom, it is an uplifting stone, a great energy cleanser , helps one to focus and aids with personal motivation.

Gabriel, is about ascension, wisdom, guidance, new beginnings, aspiring, opens doors, hope, overcome fear.

For this I felt tigers eye, the stone of prection, good luck, tap into personal power. Grounding.

The third Angel was Raphael, guardian of the tree of life, love, joy, healing through love, heals mind and heart, heals all aspects.

For this rose quartz,. Deals with love and the heart, unconditional love, comfort, rose quartz was used as a love token as early as 600bc.

I also used Selenite on your grid it is associated with the crown and soul star chakra, assists you to contact the divine mind and angelic realms, cleanses the aura of negative energy build up dealing with the physical and etheric body. Strong healing stone.

Through love and wisdom you can heal and become strong connecting to you inner strength and wisdom. Connecting to your divine self.

For your grid I used the tree of life. And also added a milky quartz crystal skull along with the pineapple calcite skull. A rose quartz pyramid and selenite pyramid, with tigers eye and two more rose quartz.

Here is your grid

It will be placed on my altar and I will burn incense while working on the healing with the stones.


Thank you so much. I am really grateful

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