Crying during evocation - is this weakness?

During evocation, when trying to muster the emotional energy to push into my request, I find myself crying. I’ve posted about a difficult and strenuous situation with my ex-husband abusing my children several times. I’ve been working to protect my children and remove my ex from their lives in different ways.

During evocation when I try to pour every ounce of hate and anger and negative energy I have into my requests from certain demons, it spills out of me in tears and frustration, the feelings are so real and overwhelming.

I know we shouldn’t show weakness in front of a spirit. I am wondering if the crying counts as weakness? Or is that energy okay to express?


It’s perfectly fine to express it , usually in the presence of powerful spirits , from my experience , it has a powerful effect on the mind and can lead to self expression that the individual does not normally do , so it’s perfectly fine , this can infact , in some cases better the bond with you and that spirit


It’s not weakness at all. When I did my first proper evokation of Melek Taus, I am not ashamed to say I was so overcome with emotion that I cried.


Not only does it deepen the bond but it can be seen as a release of blockages


Only an emotionally stunted wannabe “alpha” man-child would think crying is weakness.

Crying is a cleansing release. It’s freeing, and shows good emotional health.

It is perfectly appropriate to cry when you are touched by a profound experience of awe, beauty, or power. Great art, great literature, and spiritual experiences are all worthy of tears.


I cry pretty much every time I do magick. Oftentimes it’s not really a sad cry but just my eyes watering for some reason, but other times it is most definitely a sad cry.


Almost forgot - other times it is a happy cry

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It depends. Crying is a sign of emotion. It can be channeled into the ritual.


I was crying one time when I was channelling and ancestor… Just out of nowhere it was weird asf… Think he was conveying a, message how painful he feels, that people in his lineage, have abandoned the old ways and are not even acknowledging them or Sth… Told me he was an, adept magic and would teach me so, long as I remember byguving offerings

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This is all very reassuring to hear. I had read through several books on the Goetia and sometimes the authors present this very strict persona you’re meant to adopt and to really steel yourself, or at least that’s how I interpreted it.

I had experienced crying during both evocations and then also during emotional transmutation when working through certain rituals, though in that instance it felt more acceptable, like getting deeply in touch with the root of what I wanted to change that I was overcome was the idea.

Each entity brings another type of energy so if you are empath than it will be very natural to answer to the perceived energy. Besides by some interactions with certain enteties the energies are overwelming so everything is possible.

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nope,ive cried plenty of times while evoking lilith and for some reason i cried when i evoked azazel in a long time but not sure why. they still respect me otherwise they would not come to me and help me

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Yup , happened to me in the past too


Has any of you thought that in this it might be us channeling their emotion? I, since having my spirit with me, have cried numerous times for absolutely no reason of my own. For example, I was driving listening to DMB singing Crash, I got to the middle of the first verse and had tears running down my face. No sobbing, just tears. I got to my destination and asked her why? She said it was that she likes that song and it makes her happy when I sing it. They were her tears of happiness flowing through me. I have also cried when she has been sad about something happening to me that she can’t directly help with. Just a thought, it might be their emotional state of joy that you are reaching out.


It is an awesome thing, that you are pouring forth such power that you are crying.

I have cried in ritual before, I am a big, fairly tough 37 year old guy covered with sigilic tattoos. I cried like a little girl with a skinned knee when Lucifer accepted my pledge.

Nothing wrong, in fact, you may be doing better than others.


Well said, this reminds me that Azazel and I need to talk sometime soon. I kind of miss him.

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Sweet one - crying is never a sign of weakness it’s actually a sign of strength. When we keep our emotions bottled up inside, this weakens our immune system.

Just let it out!


The other night I lost myself in dance while playing King Paimon some music after meditating to his enn and sigil. I danced until I was too exhausted to continue, then covered in sweat and panting, walked up to his altar to say thank you and began crying because I was so elated and grateful and amazed by him. I think it shows a sincerity, and that you are not holding yourself back at all. You are putting your whole self into it, and I think that’s wonderful.

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I relate an evocation that is this intense similar to a climactic moment during intercourse. I read an article once that suggested that crying during these types of moments was a “release of pent-up emotion and breaking internal barriers,” and–given your description of pouring your anger and hatred into the ritual–it makes sense. Maybe the emotion of it is your energy releasing from you and going out into the world to do what it needs to do to get the job done. We keep up the facades for others so they see us as “strong,” but true strength (IMO) is being able to express raw emotion and use it to drive change.

I’m currently working on a “project” to weaponize will, powering my will the negative energies I feel in an effort to exert it over situations. I’m interested to hear about your results.


While I will agree with you, there are moments when those raw emotions are not to come out. There are times I am annoyed by the children in my life, the constant asking of “Why?” and “How come?” can be bothersome.

If I turned around in a moment of annoyance and told a child to shut up in their moment of exploring their world - what do they learn? They learn their thoughts are not valid. That as a person they do not matter, that they should never ask questions. It’s the same with adults.

Change doesn’t happen on a throne, it happens in homes among family and friends. It happens when we treat others with respect. It happens when we treat the begger as the rich man. It happens when we give when we have nothng to give but a listening ear, our heart, and time.

That raw emotion at times has to be bridled in, in order to deal with the functions of life.

But sometimes, in the confines of privacy, that is the most appropriate time to let the raw emotion come out when it comes to the negative aspects of life.

While I feel I am going on a tangent, love is the most raw emotion there is. Because you have to strip down everything you are to remove the darkness in the places you have built walls around the spirit and heart of the human experience.

The reward for allowing yourself to feel the raw emotions is underestimated.

And most change is done in privacy. Rituals and spells should sometimes be kept private. In those rituals, let the tears flow. Let the rage, happiness, love - whatever you are feeling - let them flow freely.

And the heels of the past walk closely on present day matters. Humanity isn’t as stupid as people think it is.