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Hello Everyone my name is Edith. I am from San Diego, CA. I am not new here, I had closed my account but I am back because I remember how helpful everyone from this community is. My magical experience is novice I guess. I had done Wicca since I was 16 for some time then got involved with the dark arts about a year ago. During this time I started becoming open to the darkness and slowly started losing my fear to talking to the demons and I felt a strong calling to being a dedicated witch of Lucifer.

Currently, I am in a state of somewhat despair due to my health issues. Where do I begin? First and foremost I am diabetic. This is something I have brought on myself due to an extremely poor diet. I was ordering food from Ubereats ALL THE TIME. And eating things like a whole box of pizza, two hamburgers, nothing was enough for me. My severe symptoms started around Thursday when I developed after having a carne asada burrito this disgust for food, but nonetheless on Friday there I was back to ordering a whole pizza, scarfing it down and then Saturday the increase in nausea and lack of appetite, plus frequent urination, feeling dizzy. Since Thursday I have dropped 8 pounds. I want to eat healthy and get my life back on track. The only things I have been able to tolerate is chicken soup, and these vegan meatballs, and let me tell you that is a vast improvement for not being able to eat two days straight. I want my aversion to certain foods that I can have to go away, like eggs, wholegrain toast, etc. I have been able to stomach things like oatmeal in the morning, and anything that is mushy. Then on Sunday morning I got hit by severe tinnitus which created in me a sense of panic, doesn’t help my aversion to food, and I feel this cold sort of burning sensations throughout my body. Also, I have late stage Lyme disease so I think my poor dieting has woken it up. It was in remission for a long time. Everything in my life is falling apart! I will pace back and forth really not doing anything just pacing. Activities that I use to enjoy like singing I haven’t been able to do because of how I am feeling. am suppose to start a new job on the 11th and I really need this job so I can pay for this doctor that specializes in Lyme disease.

My spirituality:
I was following the path to dark enlightenment but then I got hit by this Christian sort of revival and made a resolution to not follow Lucifer and his demons. So, I don’t know if in a weird way they got mad at me and I am being punished. I know it sounds kinds of crazy but what if? I started praying these prayers to the Virgin Mary this past weekend imploring her assistance and NOTHING. But, why am I surprised the Nazarene doesn’t help. So, here I am with humility now looking for his help. And thinking of him (Lucifer) has brought some comfort to me. Oh and for some odd reason I have found comfort in watching gory movies, isn’t that weird? I feel like in a way the darkness is calling me back, but now I need to make a firm resolution and not toy around with the Gods.

Question: do you guys know of any prayers to Lucifer that can invoke him for urgent needs? Or what can I do spiritually to receive the help I so desperately am seeking? Thank you so much for hearing me out. I know I have ranted.


Welcome @EdithD19880

You still need to do a proper introduction. You closed your account, so you are basically starting over again, so please make an intro, and give us your basic magical experience.


Helping you break addictions is Belial’s forte. :slight_smile: You might like to try him.

Prayers and invoking are two different things. For a prayer you could try his “enn” from demonolatry, if you’re still religiously minded, as demonolatry is a religion. You can find chants on youtube of enns that I hear are helpful.

Me, I would suggest just using sigil magick to call and talk to him.


Ok, thank you so much!


Welcome back!
Look you shouldn’t force yourself against a belief, you don’t have to chose between either pray to Virgin Mary or to Lucifer. Of course the religion itself of christianism is against Lucifer, but the thing is you don’t have to actually follow all their beliefs, some people work with Jesus and with Lucifer, heck some peoppe believe they’re the same, here the forum you will find many people who works with demons, with Lucifer and with archangels such as Michael. So my point is, find balance. If you feel comfortable praying to the Virgin Mary and to Lucifer pray to both without feeling guilty. The Gods and demons won’t be angry at you unless you approach them with fear believing they’re evil or something. As long as you don’t do this they don’t mind for who you pray to.

As for Lucifer’s prayer I can’t help you with, he disappointed me pretty bad leaving me when I needed him the mostly, and I don’t trust him anymore, I wouldn’t suggest call him for help no anyone honestly. He won’t always come.
But Belial as was pointed out above is pretty reliable guy to work with.
But in my experience gods are more easy to contact, I make a prayer, calling their names and pretty soon i feel their energies.
There’re many gods and goddesses of healing for example. Brighid, Airmed, Eir, Heka, and many others, my suggestion would be to google them and the one you feel more connected to, call out, do a pray to, prepare some offering to them(a glass of wine, or grapes or a piece of cake or flowers or anything like this) do a rune of healing or of whatever you need and this is it, keeping praying to them help you with what you need, if your senses is developed you’ll feel their energies and know it worked, that they’re there.
I would suggest you to meditate as well, meditation helps bring balance to your spirit. There’re many meditations on YT with waves of healing, just searched for “meditation healing waves” it might help as well.
Also do cleansing in yourself and in your life. Not big deal just vizualise all bad energy and ill intentioned being if there’s any around going away, leaving your body, you house, your life, see it, believe them left, the smoke of a incense helps too, water is also good to keep positive energies. After banishing, create a protective circle, the same way, just visualize a circle protecting you and your family and your house. In both you say some words, like “I banish all negative energy…” and “only positive energy and entities are allow in this circle” something like this, something from your heart.

But if you don’t feel comfortable praying to pagan gods, that’s okay, you can do the same with any Christian deity. I say this cause I used to be torn between the two worlds, I thought I had to choose and than I realized that I didn’t, nowdays I talk to Jesus sometimes and also with pagan gods and demons.

Ah about this:That’s not weird at all. Tastes are tastes. Horror movies is a comfortable to many people. :slight_smile:

Good luck :slight_smile:


I’m also a diabetic. I work with various Deities and had great results confirmed by my doctor

It’s OK to cheat once in a while. Try and look for healthier alternatives such as wraps instead of Burritos (brown wraps) and mince as a pizza base instead of the standard base. Also do some exercise daily. Dance, yoga, push ups anything. Also if your energy body can handle it, solar energy is very good.

Those symptoms could be a sign of DKA so maybe check it out with a doctor.

You could petition Lucifer using a petition spell.

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I highly recommend Aset, Sekhmet, Hel, Apollo and Thor. I’ve had good results with Surtur and Tiamat is also good too


Welcome back, Edith and I’m sorry to hear about your health issues.

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