Crutches... A few good ones for you newbies

Staying up for a few days- Great for if you are going to do anything involving the theta gamma sync. The downside is that you will feel like Shit and its pretty hard for beginners to do. 72 hours is key but anything more is just icing on the cake.

Heroin- Opens your third eye fully. Great for evocations or meditation. Downsides are pretty obvious… You can pair staying up and heroin for better results.

Cocaine- Obviously helps you stay up. Though not doing too much is key or you’re just going to pass out after not sleeping enough

Meth- same thing as heroin. Try to get an injectable form if possible as smoking it will damage your teeth.

Adderall- perfect for those of you who want to do meth but are too much of a pussy. You can get a prescription extremely easily and it is perfectly legal

Now I have to say that I don’t recommend you do any of these. If you do just remember that they are a tool for magick, that’s not going to help at all but still good to keep in mind lol. Personally I don’t do any of these other than sleep deprivation

Necromaster, Dont Forget about DMT, i never use DMT but its known as a spirit molecule, i heard people take sniff of that shit, and there be talking to angels, demons, and all type of entities. Remmeber DMT is legal(its stupid why there made it legal, even through DMT is ever food), i will sugguest to get Ayahuasca another spirit molecule, that Shamanism use to get to the spirit conscious. His a Documentary of DMT DMT - The Spirit Molecule Documentary - 1/5

Eh I didn’t post it because I don’t know anything about it, doesn’t really seem like it would help for an evocation nor anything… but hey if koetting says it’s good stuff then it’s good stuff lol. Think it is mentioned in questing after visions

Although I have never had DMT, from my readings the experiance although profound and spiritually useful is not so controlled as to be applied to evocation or other spell work. Hell from what I can gather it takes you right out above the multiverses towards the source, leaving your physicallity and its concerns far behind

As far as psychotropeic go I have had go results with weed when I was starting out with evocation, very good for accessing the Sight and the negative side effects are decidedly less than the others mentioned.

I have also used LSD ritually although not in evocation.

I think fasting should get a mention as well, its really effective for peaking the senses but can be agonising to be around anyone eating.

Yea fasting definitely helps

Speaking from plenty of experience with DMT, it is way too intense and short acting to perform something that requires your focus, magickal imagination and intent. In small doses, all that will happen is you’ll hear is a high pitch tone and see beautifully coloured and intricate patterns. I would go with mescaline for rituals, its a very beautiful high that gives you a feeling of closeness with the spiritual relm and opens the third eye nicely.

I would have to agree with Necro about the meth. After a 4-5+ day bender, your mind would certainly be primed for some serious left hand path work. The coke… Not so much, but that is only because I associate it with parties lol.

Never knew about the heroin thing, I was a heroin addict been on methadone 3 years, wish I would of known this earlier I could of made the best out of a bad situation. Also all meth is injectable just put in spoon add water draw up through small piece of cigarette filter and bbbbblllllaaaaassssstttttt. Ooooffffffffffff!

Avoiding to sleep and fasting helped me good.

I tried dmt once, didn’t get any visons, but all of my attachments came out, I felt that they were about to beat me up so to speak as they did in the past during some secret stuff I did, so I just let go and detached and they left me alone.

That probably doesn’t make alot of sense to someone who never had the experience, but if you ever do, now you know what to do.

I had a great experience on DMT. If you’re going to use it in ritual I reccomend free basing it at the height of your evocation ceremony. After you’ve called the spirit and are waiting for it to manifest. That way you’re sure to be in the presence of the intended entity. If you’re evoking for a specific cause a single command should be spoken as you exhale the smoke.

I have not had the ability to mix any other hallucinogenic with evocation. I’ll definitely try a few things when I find some mescaline or mushrooms. My days of hard drug use are far behind me, I’m not looking to walk down the path of methamphetamine again. And coke is only good when mixed with strippers!

For the most part a bowl of hydro and a couple glasses of spiced rum and I am in the perfect state to enter trance. The bulk of my evocations were done in this state. As well as most of my meditations and visions I was high on pot. I use Xanax sometime as sedation to induce out of body experience with five senses working.

As always use drugs and evoke demons with caution. It is your life, your health and your sanity you’re toying with. I’m not saying don’t do it. But enter at your own risk. As some doors are much harder to shut than others.

Damn. This forums gonna turn into a drug forum now. Anyone know where to get ahold of some good heroine? Lmao

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Would be a lot easier to get adderall

Lol. I wish I lived near where you do apparently. Lol. Those things are getting harder and harder to find in my town.

If there’s anyone out there like me who can’t stay up for 72 hours coz of work, etc, here is something similar I have found useful. Give yourself only 5-6 hours sleep and make sure when you will be getting up it is between 4am and 6am (must still be dark outside). Get up, get a drink, sit in pitch black darkness and then get right down to the ritual you will be performing. As Necro has said, it is much, much easier to hold that sync when you haven’t had enough sleep.

So next time, set your alarm clock for ritual :wink: