Crusting of a dogs eyes

I’m not sure if anyone has heard this before, but it is said that if you take the crust of the dogs eyes and put them on yours you can see what the dog see’s.

So basically when animals bark at invisible things, they of course can see them but we humans can- well except for those who have their third eye opened.

Has anyone heard of this or tried it?
Reason why I’m asking is because my father is a magnet for the spiritual world and he has encountered some really horrific experience.

One of those experiences that suck with me was the one meantion above. My father lived in a rural area and at night dogs would bark to the point where something would terrify them and would run away crying. So a young man asked what the dogs saw and of course an old lady told him if he wanted to see what they saw. Then to grab the crust of the dog from each eyes and place them on his and he will see.

So he did and they poor kid was psychological f…upped… my father said.

Has anyone ever heard or even tried such thing???

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Never have. I don’t suggest doing it, you could get some kind of eye infection.


Quite frankly I think you’d have to be out of your mind to even think to do that knowing what parasites, virus, fungi, and bacterial infections you could get from that.


superstitious bullshit


Maybe I’m not sure though. I take everything into consideration until I discover the truth.

Infections yes and your supposed to put it around your eyes, not in it btw.

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I was just curious to know, but I’ll give it a shot and see what happens tonight. :smirk:

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Good luck. If you get FUBARed in the eyes boil some water with eyebright herb in it, strain it and wash your eyes with it. Consequentially there are some Hermeticists that believe this aids in your spiritual sight, which is ironic in this case.

Also, if the dog crust helps, let me know. I have a bridge for sale in Brooklyn, and I will sell it really cheap. Promise.


Its a hispanic tradition to see visions. Tru for healty reasons in usa is a big no. No. But it superstitious has been 4 years

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I believe it’s longer than that.
Creo que tiene más años que cuatro

There is another story he talks about and it deals with whitches. And my grandmother even verified it. Of course when I was older and she wasn’t joking or making it up.

Hay otras historias que me padre me ha contado. Se trata de las brujas que se le aparecieron. Mi abuela las vio frente a frente y no son cuentos el miedo y la cara que puso me hizo cre a los dos.

(I simply translated English to Spanish no worries)

Well from I was told I theorize that it’s a short cut to seeming spirits or other things.

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And that’s the weird thing about superstition; some of it actually makes a strange kind of sense or has some basis in history or observation of the natural world, but for these very reasons they must be assessed and considered. Maybe rubbing eye crust from a dog around the eyes will work; I don’t think so, but who knows.

There could be something to it. It could be that someone a very long time ago was stoned off their ass on nightshade and tried this, thinking it would help, and because of the drugs did not make the connection to coincidence when they actually did have a spiritual experience. Maybe it is rooted in a lost folk magick tradition. Maybe a magician with my sense of humor thought it would be funny as hell to see a bunch of people run around smearing nastiness around their eyes to achieve what he earned through discipline and practice, so he started a misdirecting rumor. I have done a similar thing in the past. When I was in college I managed to convince an entire party of drunks that the word “bukkake” was a traditional Bulgarian drinking salute and had 30-40 people running around yelling it every time they took a shot.

The fact of the matter is there is no magic bullet for that sort of thing. If there was everyone under the sun would be doing it and half the threads in this forum would not need to exist. We would just be rubbing dog gunk around our eyes and doing spirit work on a whim.


And I agree with you 100%

I believe a good swig of the green fairy (absinth) has pretty much the same effect but won’t ruin your eyesight immediately.

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Absinthe is no substitute for practice either, but it does produce a definite effect and so could be used to achieve a state. Also, gets you drunk(ish), so that’s fun too. I like the imported stuff from Holland or home-brewed batches.

Well today I shall try it and see what happens.
Btw I’m not much of a beer person I prefer liquor. Plus I like how people drink any type of liquor and make weird faces.

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The eye booger thing? good luck!

I’ve touched lots of animal eye gunk, cats, dogs… I’ve had pets most of my life, they sleep on the bed so you wake up and they’re lying there and look up, and they have that dopey-looking shit by their noses, you kind of have to wipe it out, you can’t let them walk round like that.

So I’m not a good test case for it, but I guess to some extent I can 't disprove it either, since I CAN see spiritis and stuff… :thinking:


Yes, clean up the animal but then don’t wipe its detritus on yourself…

I’ve obviously led a very very sheltered life full of alcohol wipes, cleaning fluids and Hibiscrub - actually yes, my consultant has even told me I can’t have French cheeses any more - sticks two hooves up at consultant and blows horse raspberry…

Nothing separates a horse from cheese - off to the cheesy pick up lines thread…


I had a think , I reckon each time is like 7 seconds, you get a hand on them, wipe one eye, say “No keep still” :smile: then do the other, wipe it on a tissue usually, I personally donl;t wash my hands after doing something like this because I wasn’t brought up to wash after touching animals (unlesss it involved poop or piddle etc), doing that say 300 days a year, and maybe once a fortnight (low estimate) an additional one after they nap, so that’s 326 x 7s = 2282s = 38m, in 2 years you’ll spend over an hour with skin contact with animal eye gunk …

A decade = 6 hours, 20m … I’m in my thirties and have had animals most of my life, that’s a lot of skin contact! :laughing:

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I can’t see any spirit but I can feel the energies around me when they are around. At least when I invoking them I feel them and especially when I speak with them.

If this works out for me it would be a short cut to seeing spirits and you wouldn’t have to do a whole llt of meditation. That’s just my assumption.