Crow's Training Regiment

Here I will be listing daily exercises that I will be undergoing to enhance my life and overall abilities. These can and will be:
Solar Banishing and “Grounding”
Gaits of Power
Meditations (what I meditate on will vary)
Taichi and or Yoga (optional, i work a lot. I Basically have damn near daily cardio.)


Solar “Grounding” and Banishing :heavy_check_mark: 5 mins
Lightgazing✔ done repeatedly, time unknown.
Shadowgazing✔ see lightgazing
Sungazing was a no go. Too cloudy.
Gaits of power are performed repeatedly, usually totaling 15 minutes a day. :heavy_check_mark:

The rest shall be completed later.

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One thing i may add, is the foundations of seeing. But im not sure what i would see.

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Well. That’s something I’ve been researching a lot and haven’t found a great answer, and hardly any answers honestly.

I started looking because For the last 2-3 weeks I’ve been seeing a black and clear symbol that looks like the free mason symbol cable tow, well real similar at least.

I’ve been seeing it mostly with my eyes wide open, while I’m outside in the sun and it’s clear that is not a tangible thing, it’s between the real and something else. Where I am doesn’t seem to matter and the last few days I’ve been seeing it inside and even with my eyes closed.

A medium friend said this was common when your third eye starts to open, but damned if I can figure out how / where she got that info from. I’ve searched high and low it feels like.

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Wait what?


Was at your foundations of seeing comment