Crowley's changed view on Hekate

I am reading “Circle for Hekate – Volume I: History & Mythology” these days. In that connection I would like to ask, if anyone knows why Aleister Crowley changed his view on Hekate from positive to very negative?

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Poor Hekate doesn’t deserve negative treatment.


You are right about that. I do think maybe she had a little laugh about it. He seemed to be ridiculous in this case. I am just interested in why? What made him change his mind? Did he secretly find her too powerful? Did it have something to do with his resistance to taking orders from women? I am no expert in Crowley, but as he seems to be very important to some people, I am interested in learning more.

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He probably had a couple personal, negative experiences, so he decided to be biased. Well, that’s my best guess.


He’s a druggie.

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Care to share his opinions before and after? I’m interested to hear this, I don’t recall ever reading any mention of Hekate in his literature.

He was addicted at times during his life, but the man was a genius. I’m sure he had a reason for his change in view.


Simple: He lived his life thinking he was God’s Gift to Magick and Horus incarnate upon the Earth. She took him down a peg.


Can you explain what his statement was before and after.

He also said “never work the Goetia” early in his career and spent the latter part of his career…working with the Goetia. So.

He may have been fickle but a brother’s allowed to change his mind about things.


He made this invocation earlier in his life:

Where he is obviously willing to work with Hekate. Then later he made this dismissive one (scroll down):

He was apparently the one who described her as a crone. Something not seen before, so it seems he also invented stuff about her. I am just wondering why.

I think I will read “Perdurabo, Revised and Expanded Edition: The Life of Aleister Crowley” by Richard Kaczynski to find out much more about him and find some answers.

When someone thinks they’re the Devil,

Someone who shows them who the Devil truly is

is a bitch to be dismissed and feared.


Can you elaborate a bit on that?

It is believed that the Friends of Hekate still operate. See: David W. Myatt.



Is David W. Myatt the same as David Wulstan Myatt? A former neo-nazi and a former muslim?

Because if it is, then I will surely pass.

If it takes you 30 years as a neo-nazi to get somewhere else, I don’t have time for whatever you come up with next. Sounds like a deeply insane person. No, thank you.

I find drugs confusing and boring. Haven’t taken any in many, many years. But I am not condemning those who find them otherwise. Addiction is a huge problem though.

Precisely the point. I am not against herbs or anything of the sort but from what I’ve heard his habits weren’t the best.

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He was sometimes addicted as is mentioned in the thread. Addiction is not a habit but something more forceful, which destroys an idea of “do what thou wilt”. Slaves of something are slaves of what they do. I have been there myself many years ago with alcohol. Addiction is just a sad thing that too often leads to insanity and death.


To be honest I think you are reading too much into it. Crowley was likely just taking poetic license for the sake of his work, sprinkled with a little UPG, and a dash of extra flavor with the ooky spooky stuff. Not meant in a disparaging way, but rather as terms of endearment.

But that’s just a theory.