Crossroads into Universe B


From my understanding from the lore of these crossroads spirits, it is implied within the various diaspora that Ellegua/Eshu/Legba does know of these paths given that he has many aspects, within Santeria there’s apparently 28 paths of Legba one of which is Exu Rei (Exu the King) which also is reputedly his strongest aspect. In this particular path he isn’t syncretized but rather he “is” Satan. To draw a parallel, in Hatian Vodou some consider Kalfou to be an aspect Legba.

But I wouldn’t recommend asking Legba because of his nature, I find him akin to a monkey’s paw combined with Aesop’s fables. In the end you become a walking parable inexorably drawn to you learning your lesson; albeit a hard one, and all the while merrily amusing himself.

I.e. ask at your own risk.