Crossroad experience

I went down to the crossroad and all I did was talk. Not even a ritual, I knew I would get an answer whether it was then and there or a year from then. I heard a whisper from the black before this and they have yet to be wrong. So I thought why not ask about it at the crossroads. I fully expected this to take a few tries, but regardless I chose to sleep at the crossroad.

The dream to follow was impressive and nothing short of a full blown manifestation if only in another reality. I woke in this dream, in a restaurant, five-star, bright, and lavish. I found myself walking to a table where a man of African descent sat in a black suit, clean and trim.

I’ve been waiting for you, he said to me. I began to talk to him with unbelievable recall and deja vu.
It’s not the first time we have talked, he said noticing my feeling, he continued on; I am always around changing in many small ways so you never recognize me until I want you to.

In short, he assured me my question has validity to nearby future events which I don’t want to say out of fear and even the thought alone is problematic, but seemingly impossible to remove.

I wanted to share the story though.


Everything you’ve described sounds a hell of a lot like Papa Legba, who I absolutely love. Congratulations on contact with him (or whoever it was)!