Crossing fluid?

I made a spell bottle using an empty pint of rum as the containiner.

I placer a name paper I made of someone who is basically the one who decides my fate in court of which is not being too leaniant.

I then pissed in the bottle as that helped me in the past with someone at work.I took it to my father’s grave and asked that he fill the bottle with his hatred for anyone that is attacking me.

I stomped 3 times on the grave and slammed the bottleinto the dduet and pulled the energy into the bottle.

I took it home and sat it on my father’s altar and evoked him through a picture of him which became 3 dimensional so I took that as a sign he was there.WheniI asked him to attack said cunt his face in the picture turned into the face of a decayed corpse with an angry face.

So again I took that as a sign of agreement.

I then poured some controlling oil into the bottle with chebub berries and master of the woods herbs.

I began talking to it like you would a poppet,imagining you’re speaking to the person.

Now here’s my question.
I know this bitch lives a block away from me and a friend of mine knows which house.

Could I pour this bottle out and use it as crossing powder or should I just keep working it like I am?

I shake it daily and tell it there’s no way out unless my case is dropped in short.

Thoughts? Opinions?

It’s up to you. But if you came into it with the intent of a bottle spell keep it like that.

Any suggestions on a crossing powder that can cause influence in my favor?

No. Any kind of cursing powder curses, destroys, etc. If that is what you want, then go ahead. But I advise that you focus on controlling on your target to drop the case.
You also ought to do work to help yourself in court, success, sweetener spells and the like.

I planned on making a sugar jar.I plan on attacking the situation from all possible angles.