Criteria to get contact with spirits & the coercion of spirits?

I am wondering because we have so much new souls on the Forum. They struggle to get in contact with spirits.

What makes us popular with spirits?
What’s about magical authority?
What could that be out of a criterion?

I found my way to get contact with spirits and
some times I feel who will answer and who not.
But others struggle to find their way, too.

And what’s about forcing an entity to appear evocative? I know nothing about coercion against spirits. I am only able to invite by using the sigil.
How can entities be forced to answer?

Well, thank you in advance,

[quote=“Lukianof, post:1, topic:88718”]
And what’s about forcing an entity to appear evocative?
[/quote] i always think about it. How can jehovah and Angels be used to force powerfuls entities like Lilith, Astaroth or Bael to be in the triangle and obey?

I was asking myself how to become attractive to spirits because some people I know rarely to never have problems to get in contact and others struggle.

Franz Bardon writes about magical authority but he doesn’t explain it. Surely one’s character is a criterion but that can’t be all of it.

And about the coercion of spirits I don’t know anything. I only know Mehmi’on from the
Book of Azazel to learn to bind spirits but for this they have to show up.

I believe one is supposed to follow Bardon’s “Intiation to hermetics” and that authority would be gained by the time the spirits in “Practice of magical evocation” are summoned.
Almost all of the classical grimoires assume IHVH and the angels to be higher than demons; there’s also the outside explanation that, even if it were not so, the power lies in the magician’s intention.


No one here is “popular” with spirits, most here work with them and form bonds, that’s just common things. Not popularity based.

No such thing.

Working on clairvoyant skills instead of skipping right to playing sims with entities.

Some people are more succesfully with entities than others. What can be the difference?

There could be a plethora of reasons, some people put in more work as in getting to know the entity for who the entity is outside of what books tell them, or having some form of past connection with them, pathworking/devotion with said entity, there’s also those who build a solid foundation first and foremost, as much of what I notice is new people will go straight to “how do I contact this entity for this situation” but no kind of foundation of self development.