Crisis situations - a barrier to energy flow or a boost for a change?

Hello, i am new around here. Well, even i always believed and be interested in magick since i was a little girl, i never practised much magick (mostly because of complexity of systems and such - but fortunately i came across the site of EA Koetting - and i am really enjoying reading it), i did only simple things, magick to help on studies, improve health and protect a trip etc…simple purposes.
I live in Portugal, and since i was young i was poor but i struggled really really a lot i finally had a good job and i accomplished a degree in college and i almost touched happiness and my dreams…But i lost it due to others corruption and the economic crisis. I am unemployed, hopeless, i cannot afford a house, i barelly can afford internet. There is a relentless Will inside me to accomplish my dreams…and a deep unnaceptance for things how they are now in my life… I just “re” started my reading (the eBook) and practising in magick…but for me the most difficult thing is to focus and go through the “wall”, set aside the frustrating thoughts…
I dont know if this happens/happened to some of you, but i feel that in countries in crisis, the forces against our true Will are so much more overwhelming than, like, in Norway or Switzerland (i apply this to aims related to wealth and stability, so you see…), so it seems to be needed a much larger spiritual effort to and more advanced things to change the course of things for oneself.
I would like to know if someone have/had similar experiences to share if you will…and would it be possible that the obstacles of life around here are so huge that unconsciously affect my belief and energy to proceed with magick, sometimes affecting my focus and meditation, when they should otherwise be the motivation to boost energy into magick? Did anyone felt/went through this specific situation/question?
…sorry for the not-so-good english (not my native language)
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Hi Sib,

I am a new person here too, and my first post here was:

Timothy and others responded. Timothy as well as others responded, which helped to set my mind a bit more straight … I still have yet to buy the eBook, which I plan to do this week when more money comes my way, which I know it will. I have since had some part time work, which has helped enormously, and higher jobs are within my grasp. I am planning to have my own residence for my own privacy, needs, comfort and a physical temple as well. It will come to me, the keyword seeming to be will.
Read and listen to the advice that E.A., Timothy and others provide, it has made things much clearer for me.

The point that I have to say to you, is don’t worry too much, which is hard – I know, I was near desperate at the time, and things are turning up more and more for me. Look and listen within too, it helped me enormously when I was off to get the part time job which happened for me. Just do what you need to do and imagine and will things for yourself, they do come.

Hope it helps,


Also, read Seeker’s comment on this post – it kind of explains what I was getting at:

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hi, thank you for your time and answers Fuego, is very helpful to read from the more experienced ones, even people are different, i know, since each one’s path is different according to each one’s spirit, inner “chemistry” and aims, is always useful to learn from those who know more.

Thank you, but for the number of years I’ve read about some magic, and from the time I’ve put any into practice, I am pretty much a toddler at magic.

However, a friend of mine stating that he is a master alchemist, told me once the key – time, space, reality.

It was my job to figure that out. When I had that bad day, I didn’t even think about what he said. I put it into practice in a minor degree to telling myself and whoever else was listening of what I was pissed off at on a minor and grand scale, what I was happy with, and what I was offended at, and who I loved. I thought about what I wanted, imagined it as much as I could, and knew it would come to me after I put it out of me.
That’s how my day brightened a bit. I’m still not where I want to be or know who I am meant to be, but I’m working at it. If I die trying, so be it, at least I made an attempt in whatever way I could to have it manifest.

I wouldn’t listen much to me though, since I know very little. Pay attention to some of the others here that have had quite a bit to say and teach, EA and Timothy for just two.

Have a good one, love and well wishes.