Crisis of faith

Hello everyone
I was a long time in Judaism, and for sometime i became Agnostic because i dont really know what is truo, and i dont know what its real anymore
And i think That I’m going crazy,
I tried astral projection but it didnt work for me, and i want to understand how do you know that what you see its not your imagination?
I when i could do astral projection i try to check it, maybe spy on someone and that will proove thats real
Did someone try this?


When I am out of body, I never go anywhere for verification purposes, because every time I try to verifiable evidence, my imagination gets in the way of truth(I recommend you don’t do that either, it wastes your time), yet when I’m somewhere just for the experience and I’m not worried about being right or wrong, I typically get very high accuracy. For example, I was sitting in a hospital waiting room once, and I soul traveled to across the room, I saw the door swing open and a guy walk in, I immediately open my eyes and the very man walking in the door was the man I saw, down to every last detail! So that’s how I know Soul Travel is real.

I’m a skeptic as well, and I’ve been an occultist for just over two years. Trust me, if it wasn’t real, I would have nothing to do with it!

But to add a bit more to the case for occultism, I’ve evoked many Demons and got powerful results and manifestations! While I was doing a ritual a powerful Infernal God gave me, I saw shadow people and one in particular peeking over my shoulder, I heard stomping, knocking, whispering, and laughing coming from my hallway mirror; and when I closed my eyes I saw a spinning black orb which sounded like screams and growls and roars, the likes of which nothing on earth could possibly emit.

Another time, I evoked Enki with a friend of mine, when he came, we both saw orange and green lights moving in the trees, the darkness of the forest became exponentially darker, leaves kicked up like someone was running, and branches broke from the trees around us and formed a circle of branches which surrounded us. We asked Enki to help with some personal things, and the very next day, we both go exactly what we asked for!

I’ve had minor experiences as well, where the entity didn’t manifest in some crazy way, but what I asked of them always comes to pass.

Also, you aren’t crazy, I’ve had such strange things happen to me which were verified by an external source, that there comes a point when you realize you’re totally sane, and experiencing the spiritual side of things!

I hope this information helps you on your journey!


You should start with Meditation…honestly meditation is the key to just about everything in my limited experience.


Thankyou for the answer, but do you think its possible to spy on someone else there? (This is one of the reason that i try to project)

I’ll try that, thanks
I think to try with breathing mediation, it is seem the simplest mediation

Do you agree with what they saying in the Article?


I think that the mind is a reflection of the universe… So, why not.
Our subconscious mind and our brain is a very big place


Interesting point of view, i didnt think in this way

By the way, i wasnt so much in the part of the Kabala (at least not the part that presents. To the world outsid of israel, most Orthodox rabbis sayis thats lie)
I was in the tired part of Judaism, the part they say to pray 3 times a day, and wear every day tfilin, and keep the shabat (i wasnt aloud to turn up the light :relieved::sweat_smile:) and : After a while of Anxieties and depressions i just left becaust it was to much

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@Yomtom It’s possible to spy on people, just difficult. It requires you to not only get out of your body on the astral, but to then lower your vibration to experience in real time the physical while in spiritual form. I can’t really explain how to do this, it’s just something you do. Like one time I Soul Traveled to my grandmothers house around 1:00am to try and see what she was doing, I noticed she wasn’t in her bed so I looked around the house and saw the bathroom light was on, so I went back to my body, the next day I asked her what she was doing at said time and said she was in the restroom, I was blown away! Lol

And that’s good, I was a baptist Christian until I was 16, when I started to think about it logically, I left, as it made no sense. Now that I found out what was actually going on on a spiritual level, I recommend everyone avoid the abrahamic religions. And you leaving Judaism was a very wise decision! Yhvh is the real “devil” per se, I’ve found out that he likes to eat souls, but don’t get me started on that! Lol


My eventual take on faith was to have faith, you’d use the represented values of the goddess you’re worshipping, leave offerings in the names of the values. If the goddess sticks to its values, and you live by those values, then you’re fine.


Hy @Yomtom I feel your struggle with astral travel as I was there facing the same struggle.
Its hard at first to dissociate your own thoughts from the astral world .And if meditation isn’t working its time to up the ante and go for demonic help .
.I have two quick paths to achieve it in days :-
1:- if you have a relationship with any arch demon ,astral travel is easily achievable ,well it depends mostly on your relationship with the said demon ,you can always ask them to meet you in your astral world and teach you ways to dissociate your thoughts from the astral universe.
2: The quickest route is using a demon named "Bathin " .There is info about him online but I don’t know how much .Lucifer gave me an intro and he teaches you rituals in which he completely opened my astral senses within days of working with him .
Apart from opening your astral senses he can astrally take you anywhere you choose .He is a lesser known demon ,not known to many so summoning him will be easy .
His enn is :"Dyen pretore on can Bathin "
Don’t invoke him (I usually don’t ) he’s kinda intense and comes with immense power but he is really kind and easy going .


I think that i Afraid from demons, i know i shouldn’t but yet i get scared
I tried the robert bruce method and it doesnt work to me because i cant feel my energy body without seeing my body in my imagination, and also with all the other method i see myself and not through
My plan was to do astral projection and see if everything real and ok and than learn hear soul travel and than work with demons and Angel

But i’ll try this today before i will go to sleep, i need to serch how work with demons because i have no idea about at

Thank for the advices

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Well, i find the sigil of this demon, what should i’ll do? I need to offer him something

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I personally wouldn’t mess with astral projection or any psychic activity until you have resolved your faith issues. If you don’t, you will be courting trouble. Demons do exist but you are too focused on them. Speak to a counsellor or close friend about your fears before embarking on the occult path.


@Yomtom offerings are a must if you want to build a r/ship with a demon . Demons are beings not always Good, so first separate any other beliefs from Christianity you may have about them being evil before embarking on the occult .
Offerings to me represent appreciation ,Goodwill and respect on your part .
A sigil is one of the means of communication but also enn’s ,demonic statues ,also do work .
For demon Nergal , I use statues ,since no known sigil of his exists ,at first I used a man made statue and invoked him by formulating a chant based on his attributes and he made contact ,till date I work with him .
Point is there is no specific mode to achieve communication with an entity but various ways .In my line of magic ,personalisation of my rituals is go to means and every entity including djinns accept it .
I’d advise finding an occultist in your locale whom you can find physically for him/her to guide you ,I started out as a student and till date I still get teachings from my experienced mentor .
Sorry for the late reply been busy with some occult work of late .

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Well, i very in doubt that there is teachers on that in israel, any way i think i will try the course of the soul travel with hope this will work for me

I have asked Lucifer for this help to open my astral senses. But I dont know if he responded :frowning: to me. I am very new at this… any ideas or advise?

@Yomtom Israel is by far the genesis of most occult teachings .I’ve studied sections on old occult books on kaballah ,demonology ,occult and most are written in Hebrew ,which I always need translation to understand them.
But it does take sometime for some people to achieve contact .
If you’ve summoned a demon ,they always come or send another demon to represent them .Problem is your senses aren’t open enough to perceive them .The first demon I ever evoked was Lucifuge rofocale ,I remember performing a chant only for me to be disappointed because the demon didn’t show up .
But after some time I noticed that every time I summoned lucifuge ,the room became cold and chilly ,then I realized he was always there .
Two way communication began two months later ,every night before going to sleep I would chant his enn and place his sigil below my pillow and in a dream he came one day .
Point is patience and persistence is key in this field .
The only demon I haven’t had contact with that I’ve wanted to work with is Thoth but even tonight ll perform his ritual and wait for him to reach out .
Just be patient and persistent .


Well @LSD there are way to many variables on whether the ritual was actually successful or not.From your statement maybe the ritual wasn’t successful ,or maybe communication was or wasnt achieved ,maybe he’s taking a look at your request e.t.c
If I had specific insight on your ritual ,I’d understand .
My advice:-
*The key is persistence ,for the emperor who by far is the busiest since Lucy is everywhere .
Tailor your ritual with incense ,candles ,gifts etc
But first since you’re new to occult work ,don’t ask for astral projection ,first ask him to make contact and to help you attain two way communication with him .Once you’ve crossed this phase the proceed .
Astral projection requires certain psychic abilities and mental protection that only your guide demons can provide .

Yeah, I actually did the ritual specifically for him and a few times.
Put out gifts for him, played his favorite music.
My request was to be able to communicate with him and other spirits.
Perhaps I shall try again.
I was successful with Bael and Bathin. They really helped me big time.
But I cannot hear or see spirits. How ever the helped me.
But I think I shall try again.
Thanks for your advise.