Crisis Casting

This post is mainly to discuss the concept of dependency on magick.

my roommate (sister) ended up finding my spiritual notes. This caused a big ruckus and now a lot of my plans are being thrown off a bit. I managed to negotiate, and have a little time to get my stuff together, which is a much better experience than just straight booted and homeless (which ive been at before)

Now, while it is tempting to act on my insecurities and fears of the situation, and start hapharzardly evoking and requesting assistance left and right; I feel it would be disempowering in a way.

If one has conquered a more dire situation than one is currently in, is it more beneficial to solve the problem singlehandedly once more, or is it more beneficial to call high and low for help from outside of you?

I try to ask objectively, because i feel my own predisposition towards not wanting help may be clouding my thought process. (Tryingtobreakoldpatterns.jpg)

And when people actually do help me, i feel like I’m endebted and i hate being endebted to things. Its one of the main reasons i cast off traditional religions very early on. My goal is to not be under anyone’s control but my own. (It may sound a bit adolescent, but I am deeply, deeply, antiestablishment.)

I guess part of the discussion could also have to do with how did yall end up growing into your magickal identity as you grew more devoted to the Work?

Is it normal (lolwut) to not want to be a ‘crisis caster’? I dont really give a damn about material things, i want to trade ideas with completely different beings.

I dont want to ‘hire’ a spirit to solve my stuff for me, I just want a little spiritual company as I stumble along the way, ya know?

But then again, maybe I’m too busy looking for external verification, or approval of myself(maybe from myself?) That I’m basically writing essays to answer true/false questions


I really respect your approach. I am also a hands on, independent minded individual. Spiritual exploration, to me, is really the most important goal of magick. I would say that I feel relying solely on magick to solve every little problem will eventually make a person hit a brick wall, so to speak, especially if they are working with spirits long term. Most of them will eventually demand growth, even the really patient ones.

There is nothing wrong with ‘crisis casting’ when in immediate need, but I find it is hit or miss because of the attachment to the out come in dire situations. I am a worrier, lol.

That being said, I feel it is always important to take physical action to compliment/augment your workings, and vice/versa. I don’t feel like I rely on magick because I bust my ass about 16 hours a day, so I definitely do not feel guilty when I use it for a boost. The plus side of being busy all the time is it gives you a great mental disrupt to forget about your spells. Again, it compliments the magick.


That is why I don’t keep journals. But I do have BOS so its not much better. But a diary of things done and with whom?? Oh no. That’d be bad. I’m sorry you are going through this.

If you want to be independent, how about just doing spells. Open roads. Or honey or domintion spells to make the people involved give you more time or not care at all. You do not have to ask demons to do everything for you. In fact it is very very rare for me to do. I tend to do it myself.

Or MAYBE this is a way to help you get over being so reluctant to ask for assistance. Asking for help is hard. It is not the easy way out all the time. If it becomes a habit where you don’t want to do anything for yourself, that’s one thing. But there is something to bebsaid for balance and knowing when it is appropriate to ask for help. Believe me, THAT was one of the hardest things for me to learn Maybe the threat of being homeless is just the occasion to resort to magick. In fact, the most powerful magick you can find. And control this situation. Magick is there for us to use in these situations. A home is more than a mere possession like a TV. You know? So maybe do magick this time, and change your life with your will.


Every crisis is a lesson for a magician.Crisis casting is underrated.It has worked wonders for me.

Next time you wish to keep journals , ask Lords Balam, Vine and Purson to make you invisible and invincible.I’ve had nosy relatives looking into my candles.Once there was a candle burning in my house and an annoying unwelcomed friend would keep saying ridiculous things to my flame.After a while the flame burst and leered at her as a warning.She screamed.

I mark my journals with protection and blood.A lock and a key work wonders.If not I try to get a box which auto locks.

If I were in your position, I would gently tell the sister off.Your magic is your personal matter and despite her generosity in letting you live there, she had no right to spy on you.

Try invoking King Paimon and letting her know you are ready to forgive her (you must act like you have the upper hand.Try watching Koetting’s video about shameless manipulation of human minds) and that she should never again touch your stuff.

You have to turn this situation around to make it seem like she was unfair and tap into her guilt.Whats the point of being a mage if we can’t manipulate minds for our security?


Well said.

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I’ve castes in crisis and it has always given me a sense of security. It honestly can help to soothe and clear the mind, if done properly. What I’ve found to work for me, is to call upon a spirit I have a close relationship with and ask for help and just trust in them and my magickal skills.


The funniest thing, is that my notebook had mainly just philosophy and lore, none of my few workings were noted. I was asked to ‘relinquish your knives, because now I feel unsafe’.
She just acted in a very duplicitous manner during her ‘confrontation’ which is very out of character.

And in retrospect, i was warned of an event like this, via my spiritual work, so i was kindasorta ready for a curveball. I manipulated just enough to buy myself a little bit of time, just due to my own preference of people-fuckery. I got too much empathy for the childish, fear centered mindset zealots are stuck in.

But, like previously mentioned, the situation is an opportunity to really test the things I’ve spent the last several years researching. I was too stable and bored out of my mind. Got fat and lazy, and thats how you become prey.

I asked Fenrir to help break my chains, and slowly they are disappearing. Thanks to his foresight, I was able to disconnect from my wrath for just long enough to gain my preferred outcome.

But that wrath man. When I’m wronged, Ive just got an undercurrent of rage. I was docile for so long I almost forgot about it. Tbh, i feel like the great wolf was giving me a bit of his vibe along with his wisdom, because I was in a fury.

But, I asked, and then I recieved. Magick and spiritual alliances require work to form and manage. Yall are right, the situation may be a perfect opportunity to spiritually network


@nikki slick, been so focused on gaining knowledge and wisdom from spirits that I forgot i could cast spells myself. :man_facepalming:
thanks for breaking my tunnel vision lol

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Absolutely. I would even go a step farther by saying his privacy was violated, and any excuse for that violation is exactly that; an excuse to justify dishonorable actions.

Did she happen to hide all her kitchen knives as well? As if someone could not slice and dice another person with one of them, lol… If the answer is ‘no’, then that definitely adds some ammo to an argument that this is nothing more than moral grandstanding on the part of the sister.

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She legitimately threw rationality and logic out of the damn window. She had her new age, history channel based spiritualist boyfriend ‘anoint the house in holy oil’.

She said I kept twitching for days making her uncomfortable. I work 10-16 hours 6 days a week. Im fucking sore. Burn in the pit you lecherous harlot.

But, she said shes been feeling weird vibes and stuff, and ive been a little preoccupied. We didnt really have any problems until she moved that trailer park wannabe preacher in. My instincts said he was shitty, and in getting familiar with him, he’s shittier than I thought.

Either he’s manipulating her, or he’s prey to the astral wildlife. Either way, I’ll win.

If its a parasite, i will eat the bastard


See, he is the thorn, your sister may just be a puppet.

I would say you should feed off his energy and make them fight with a spell.She will need your help in getting rid of him and you will be the hero again.

He does sound like the new-age trash I so detest!


Sigh, i dont want to be a hero, i want to be left alone hermit-style lol.

I definitely need to work on my psychic offense. I feel like he was feeling some type of funky way yesterday and today, but i dont really have verification.

I threw a LOT of hostility out energetically speaking, i hope most of it landed on him, but who knows?

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see, you have to be manipulative.

If we mages are not manipulative, people will wipe our existence out.

So by eliminating him, you get her trust back and also your well-earned privacy.Keep the room locked once you get him kicked out.If she asks tell her you are meditating and need space.


I almost feel it would be a tougher lesson on her to let them play things out and have her hurt herself with this douche. Shes so worried about wasting time, and because of her compulsion for control she is wasting time.

My sister should know better. Blood is supposed to be thicker than water, and she forgot. My real rage is focused on her. She knows better and is making a choice to be ignorant.

Legit, want to be compassionate and kind. One half of me is calling me to calm down, and let the children injure themselves. The other half is screaming to rain down all the bad juju and suffering i can, on the general principle of ‘you sleighted me when I did nothing to you, now youll burn’

The scorched earth policy isnt new, but I seem to be resonating with it. Its pretty hard to keep in check. I feel that if i do any sort of magick concerning either of them, it will be baneful and very very destructive. Fenrir’s current is unlike anything ive experienced.


If you only crisis cast then you are not bathed in black essence.

Do your casting and resolve the issue.

Then do daily ritual of some kind to keep you bathed in the black currents.

I keep a crystal skull and Belial amulet in my pocket. I hold them and meditate for pray with them like Xtians do.

I keep holy water of the Dark Gods made and drink every night before sleep as well.


Your response also brings about something Ive been super curious of.

So when one switches paradigms, and bathes in darkness, how does that darkness then start to effect you?
From what I know(insomuch as one can), darkness is of the void and thus unchained potential, wildcard almost.
but then where do the negative connotations to darkness stem from?

That is why I use the dark holy water … Like tempering eggs for a custard I change just enough of Myself without vomiting pea soup.

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