Creepy Fogs, weird weather, storms and more

Atm we are having some heavy creepy fog here where I live. A lot of Oregon isn’t but here where I live it is. Having just injured my tendons near my left hip I’ve been taking it easy. But this cold wet fog has moved in.

Last night had several “creepy” dreams. One was about a group saying they knew me but I didn’t recall. Was pretty cheerful place. I guess there was a wedding going to go on. Later I wasexplori g parts of that town in wreckage and the zombie minded blank faced people were just mulling around.

Another dream was a couch in a castle or somewhere. Very dark and very cold. I felt a spirit in the dream so I actually reached out to try to touch the invisible spirit in the dream. I awoke I guess then felt something trying to get in but it failed.

Next dream was an alien talking in high pitched language. It opened up someone’s face like a door skin, bone, muscle exposing their eyes and brain esp frontal lobes. It cut/punched out 2 cylinder sized portions of brain matter and pulled them out of the frontals. About as thick as the round part of a bottle cap and oh 1-2 inches deep. Possibly not quite as round in circumference (little less). The it pull the frontals apart like a butt crack and force squeezed the pineal gland out, and 2-3 other weird organs. Looked gross. Then it replaced some weird shit in the frontal lobe holes it punched out earlier. I made out labotinized or something in its high language. Poor sap.

And the creepy fog gets thicker. Rather invigorating in a way. Haven’t had creepy shit in a while.

Who knows tonight. I’d normally be walking outside at night from 8-11 or 12 then workout in my yurt til 2 am but pulled tendon or something. Pity, never know if creepy shit would strike while walking.


Yeah I live there too moved in when Jupiter started talking of certain demonstrations of power though so that might be related to it or he is just using what decided to show up. As to the town is wreckage and mind blanked people if it resembles in any way something from maybe Silent Hill I have had similar experiences exploring mental realms related to Saturn.
Honestly I know Loki has been quiet the last few days I also know Loki is into stranger things a lot so if any of this seems mimicked when the new season comes out I would just go ahead and blame Loki. Weird shit happens when you get different pantheons wanting to play games though I am not sure how big the fog zone is myself so you might actually be super close to me or the fog could be divided up into territories and just the physical manifestation of basically a get together on the astral. Just my theories and experiences with it so far. Also if you see any oddly placed mold or mushrooms stay away from it. I have been doing a bit of bartering with Nurgle and he likes his poisonous disease spreading magical plant life.

Actually have you tried using perhaps a combination of mental projection and lunar energy with the fog? I think I will try that tonight and see what happens I think it will be interesting if you want to give it a shot too.

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I’m in the Veneta complex area or Fern Ridge; west of Eugene.


That is actually a fair distance away like probably couple hours for me.

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