Creepy Dreams After Initiating

I did a more definitive initiation into demon magick about two weeks ago and I’ve been having these, I wouldn’t call them scary, but a little unsettling dreams. Stuff like noticing lost fingers that I always thought I had, or while I’m working on something on my laptop, (I do spend a lot of time on it) the desktop image is suddenly flickering randomly and changing into creepy faces, randomly screeching and restarting. I’ve noticed little things on the outside have been changing too but the dreams were surprising. Has anyone else experienced something like this?


Your subconscious is processing all the new information that you are acquiring into yourself. It’s part of the process.

You should not worry. I would keep a journal, because there could be signs or messages meant for you that you may not understand at the moment or they are not meant for you to make any sense of them at this time until you progress further and will fall into place later as you progress deeper.


That is really reassuring, thank you. I’ll definitely start doing that. I am noticing a little pattern so far. A lot of the uncomfortable dreams so far have been about people I’ve never dreamt about and have been either stressing me out frequently or I feel have been holding me back and could never do anything about or stay away from. I’m thinking maybe I need to start detaching