Creature cloaked in black

Hi, i was loved some girl, be crazy about her.Crazy loved her,but things didnt go as i wished. Its when you wish something against destiny and person from dif part of world. But not important i was be very sad thinked about her, and fall sleep. Then next me be creature cloaked in black. Its show me look and i was see that girl,its be much clouds and she search something in clouds. I was get dream as i shouldnt search anymore that i give up, old ppl would say when brain is in clouds,fog. Clouds,flog represent dreams which will not happen. But who was be that cloaked creature, its look like old legend sephirot or angel of death Azrael.

On the extremely hot August night, I woke up shivering from the cold. I felt a figure in a black cloak next to me (I didn’t see, I didn’t even look). all I remember is that I apologized that I was sorry, that I was full of fear and that I needed more time.

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Fear not of them, easy to say hard to do. But start first by make feel that darkness become one with you. Accept it as part of you. Btw shadow ppl can come

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yes, i need time to reprogram myself.

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Me and my sister have experiences in cloacked black creatures… in the astral realm, I’ve seen one of him and I swear that was the most creepy experience I’ve ever had so far.
When my sister saw him/her in astral realm, I felt very uncomfortable in my room, I knew something was wrong, I kept looking at my sister in the middle of the night.
We never told each other what we have seen because we were afraid of being labeled as crazy, but years passed and we revealed what’s been seen.
We described him/her in the exact way: same clothes, same missing legs, same floating movements, vanishing, the way he/she comunicated…
And the scariest part was the we both saw him/her watching me on my bed.
I repeat, that was the scariest experience ever and I still strive to do an astral projection due to this, because I’m afraid of encountering him again.


Did it look like a 3d shadow?

Dont afraid