Creators and Nephilims

Many questions have arisen since I revealed Abaddon as my Creator. As a Sorcerer, it was he who Creates me. A Former Friend Told me about a Ritual that can be done upon the Rare Moons. As we all know a few years ago there was Five Super Moons of Five Different Colors. The Super Black Moon befell my Zodiac which is Aries. He told me to open the up by Evoking whoever my Creator was. At first there was nothing, then a Voice spoke place Blood upon the altar!. After performing the request, I placed some of my own Blood upon my Altar. An Angelic Figure appeared and Referred to me as his Own. He was my Creator, my Mystical Father- his name Abaddon. Noticed his Emerald Green Wings tinted in Black, the Power radiating from hi, old, Ancient!

I found out after this Ritual, the Blood Letting was the Opening of the Locks, Gate between his world and ours. Abaddon is so old there is no known Sigil for him, and no one really knows his real name. He is and has been from Guardians to Destruction Gods, down to the Soldier who Guards the Bottemless Pit holding the very keys.

The fact others are out there, my own Coven Member and Friend son of Arioch, my own Son the son of Volac. This seams to be a theme. But, others came forth, I recently received a message from another named Raven here on in this business, who spoke to me as being another child created by Abaddon. If this is indeed true, if lime to commune with others as well to discuss it’s purposesand meanings. I know Nephilims have come and gone for centuries and we are not the first nor the last.


Possibly Abaddon is preparing his warlords ready for war.


This place serves has a gathering spot for children of gods that once walked upon on other Earth. Maybe we are collectively being pushed out of the nest sorta of?

This Earth is like a mere copy of a copy of other Earths.

I am still gathering myself and mind. Its pure chaos. Self control is the only truth. I was once told.

I don’t understand the rush? I feel like everything is pushed to quickly. It take times to create new

When the Winds of change come they will sweep away the core of the rot into the deepest oblivion.

My mind is currently fragmented…