Okay guys unusual post but its came to my mind.

Okay everyone knowns about the Marvel cinematic universe and hollywoood right. Okay we know has good has the movies are right

How Great would the movies be if lord God almighty himself was the Director with his almighty infinite divine mind and beyond infinite godlike creativity and artistian

How Good would

Comic Books
Sci-fi movies
Action Movies

If guys seen Black panther a marvel movie. How different would be if God created his own storyline for the movie? how would the visuals be?

Would the flim be incomprehensible and inconceivable and impossible in terms of scale and beauty and splendor and magnificence ?.

How would movie lovers respond to such a flim?.

Could he create a concept of wakanda for black panther like a the universal or multiverse empire of wakanda having a near omnipotent royal family with a queen and king?.

How GLOURIOUS would the flim be if God did it.

How different would Hollywood be if lord God almighty was the overseer? Or how GLOURIOUS and magnificent would lord God Almighty entertainment industry be. Would make Hollywood look like literal trash or even nothingness

This post makes absolutely no sense.

What is the point of this? I don’t understand what are you trying to say. It seems to be just a bunch of stream of consciousness gibberish.


Considering it’s my opinion that this almighty you speak of is anything but, being merely an egregore created by fearful humans wanting to avoid standing in thier own power, I’d expect this version of Hollywood wouldn’t exist - which is in fact the case. :wink:

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This makes no sense to me either, I am uncertain if this pertains to magic or the occult. But to answer your question probably a lot better than anything Hollywood could come up with.

Bryan Singer is far from good, like many of his kind, and a lot of members here have objections to various concepts of a single “God”: I forsee this topic getting derailed like crazy so I’ve Unlisted it, sorry.