Creative ways to hex a sex offender

Hi y’all. Glad I figured out my login info. Been along time off of here and I got some stories to share. I’ll create some separate topics for that, bit more urgently for me, do y’all have any creative ideas to use against sex offenders? The alleged Target is already suicidal but too much of a pussy to do it. I need to go about this one carefully. I promised my fiance that I wouldn’t cause her any problems, but she’s staying with this fucking guy. Giving my situation, I don’t mind her staying with someone else right now, but this particular dude is a complete disgust. Just found out he likes really young girls… Spend some time in jail for it. Unfortunately murdering these kinds of wastes in the gene pool is illegal. How would you personally deal with the situation in my shoes? I know where he lives, works, his hours, and his habits.


Limp dick curse
Freezer spell in orange koolaid (creates confusion)
D.U.M.E spell (I would have NO issues with this against known ChoMo’s)
Domination Jar
Glasya Lobalas loves getting his hands on people like this. But be careful and VERY specific with him.


I’ve come across that entities name several times now. Guess I’ll study up on him. I’m trying to stray from negativity but I also wanna fuck this guy up. I was contemplating attacking him at night when he walks back from work. Don’t wanna get in trouble but boy do I wanna witness his suffering.

Try any demon

Just make sure you make it very clear that he is to harm no one but him (and anyone else helping him if he has accomplices). Otherwise he will be like a tornado and destroy anyone and anything nearby. He does NOT care. Just saying


All this 100%

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I believe the curse Abbadon taught EA might be worth considering for this one.


Yup, go to my post D.U.M.E. candle ritual. In this case, let the motherfucker have the whole spell. People like that are still sucking the air that more decent people could use more of. That’s one very good reason to use that type of spell, I wouldn’t hesitate. :smiling_imp:


Belial just said to convince someone to slap them right in their penis

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Fuck slapping them. Rip the mother fucker off so he cant offend again.


Men like that really should be forcibly turned into women


Jesus :joy:

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It’s not really that , usually sexual assault is a sign of weakness , or just really being in such a low vibration , the person should just have the same trauma done to them ,

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I know that sounded rather cruel, but chances are a sex offender is gonna stay a sex offender, there’s no rehabilitating them. That’s why you can find out online where they live, and if any are in your neck of the woods, for safety reasons.


Yeah , it’s their fucked up way of trying to get back to source energy , through forced sex , it takes very low consciousness to get there ,

" Remove their hands and they’re useless. People don’t realize a sex offender is only as good as their ability to use their hands… unless it’s one of those freaky humans that can use feet like hands. All of the screaming, vulgar language and ability to physically dominate is thrown out the window when you laugh at them. A mechanic can’t fix a car without their most important tools aka the hands."

Some random spirit chimed in on that. I’m going on a hunch and gonna say Lucifer


That is an excellent idea!

I need more information.

Is your impression that he does these shit for his own pleasure, or are there more there?

The reason I ask is because in many of those cases they have a parasite entity that consumed them and get fed through the pain they cause other people (read women) .

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Yes, but that piece of shit would still have a wanker, could still get pleasure.

But, he’s no longer in control