Does anyone know who or what created humans and how we came to be? This seems to be one of the most debated topics in the world

know or believe?

What are these “humans” you speak of? Are they animals? Who or what created the animals? What are animals but a soul with a body? Who or what created souls and spirits? What created the creator?

Where does it end!?


I’ll take either one

That just blew my mind lol, it could be possible that we go against logic, we just are

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Your question is so multi-layered. as @SabahSnoblod said, what is the definition of ‘human’? The explanation for the human animal could be very different from the explanation of the human consciousness, what you see as ‘you’, as opposed to everything else. And that is just the beginning (which we can totally go into, if you wish).

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God… But than it goes on to say what is god who is god? Is our parents not God’s in a type of sense seeing how people would do anything and everything. When a child is born they see there parents as god until someone introduces a third entity. So are we all not God’s in a sense

I argue strongly against this. We are all creators, in that we create our own world. As sorcerers/esses, we simply seek to do so in a very conscious way. Even a newborn baby has incredible power. Put a screaming infant in a room, and see how that baby changes the world around it. Everyone will make a different choice than they would have made had the infant not been there. That’s some powerful stuff right there!

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Taken further the next question would be along the lines if what makes a god, a god? Did it start out as a god or evolve in its own way into godhood as some figures in some of the myths and legends.

As a fair amount of people here fully intend to.


What about them Anunnaki

Lol that is another can of worms right there.

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Maybe their really is a God but he just doesn’t care, I’m not trying religious or dogmatic, honestly this question might be something that man never discovers

inb4 someone mentions Yakub. Woke lore is hilarious.