Creation of Theophalus

Hi fellow magicians

I wanted to share with you the idea that I am currently working on after a brainwave a I had recently…

After reading so many topics/posts on here and also from personal social interactions I’ve had, I have the idea to create a being, that feeds off a certain type of “bullshit” energy.

So many people get hurt by being forced to accept any doctrine there is outside in the world and gets shoved down their throat…

Or worse gets persecuted like a damn witch hunt.

So many people are brought up and almost forced by family etc to follow a certain way of living that pretty much paints a picture of your whole life going forward… Like a sheep.

So I thought about creating something I named Theophalus.
A being that is virtually the hunter of those that get persecuted in the name of magic or free thinking!

Complete with channeled sigis and enns etc.So that anyone that struggles with this specific problem out there could use and benefit to get ride of the shite.

I would really appreciate any ideas or general discussion from anybody about this idea as well as any thoughts or tips.

Dark regards

Sounds like a fun idea. However, while noble, it’s also a large common thing even among this website, you’ll find a handful of…unaware sheep…I say go for it. It sounds like it’ll be great.

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Ya I’m definitely going to be working on it…

Will post hoe we go along on the group