Creating your personal deity

Using the term egregore as i am unsure of what to call this

Essentially youre splitting yourself in two.

This work takes dedication

This work uses the energy of self sacrifice.
-This is metaphorical you must understand this.

The purpose of this is to create your own “deity” like thoughtform

This thoughtform is a fragment of yourself.

First. Sacrifice:

In this step you must determine which aspect of yourself you will compartmentalize, personify, and isolate.

  • when i did this, it was unintentional. I had childhood trauma and decided i didnt want to feel, so i isolated my emotions and buried them; simple repression.

  • the affirmation. I remember the day i did this “i dont need anybody, i am not like them. I am cold, alone, and strong enough for myself”

  • i constantly affirmed this philosophy, id intentionally burn my bridges. Id end other peoples relationships, id string people along and push them away.

  • for this  you must know “im doing this not to prove anything to them, but to prove it to myself”. You must feed this aspect of yours as if it was all of you

This step took me years, i do not know the minimum, i do know you can reintegrate this compartmentalization later, tho the longer its there the harder it is.

Second. Traumatic separation:

  • a lifechanging event. Essentially for this step you have to change in the opposite direction as the first step. You will now be affirming the opposite of your thoughtforms persona. You will affirm this persona as your persona and the other aspects(from step 1) as your thoughtforms persona.

  • this is easiest through trauma. this is what did it for me. But faking it till you make it should have the same effect, it will simply take longer for your mind to separate the new you and the old you as a simultaneously existing entity, like aspects. By trauma i mean “life is completely out of control rock bottom” . so perhaps get up amd move somewhere new, use the culture shock.

Third. Personification

Now personify. Interact with the thoughtform even if it hasnt begun to manifest in significant ways. Give it a name, shape, and energy body. I do this through sigils surrounded by representations of animal characteristics. Also Offerings symbolic of the energy i want the thoughtform to integrate.

Fourth. Manifestation

  • work with your thoughtform until you can pray or meditate on his/her name and cause something to happen. For example giving someone nightmares, remote viewimg for you and sending images back to you. Things like this. Once it is obvious there is a dualistic nature to your psyche, ie, it seems like there are 2 peopls impulses, 2 sets of emotions, and 2 bodies of energy, you are ready for deification.

Fifth. Deification

*** now im using this term as my own for a bjt because i dont know what to call it***

  • basically set up and altar as you usually would. Only add what i call a focus.

-focus should be something like a statue surrounded by items symbolic to the thoughtforms characteristics. I surround it with charged crystals. I offer various incense and foods. All are symbolic of the energies i am giving to the thoughtform

Treat the thoughtform as if it were a deity and it will grow in power. Youll find as you pray to it, it will fulfill. The more you work with it, the better the relationship amd the more personified it behaves.

“Why create a separate entity with your compartmentalized negative aspects?”

Because its still half of the whole and the whole can be restored. Separate the yin and yang. Then through years of energy work restore the yin to the yang and the yang to the yin. Now you have two balanced sets, yin and yang, 2 aspects to the same person. This what i am doing now.

This mirrors how egregores are created as well.emotional energy, personification, worship

Yes i developed this process by mirroring the jesus, osiris, and adam and eve stories. You may notice the parallelism. I believe religion to be anecdotal to the quintessence.