Creating your own ritual with a spirit


My question is how can one create a ritual with a spirit for a specific purpose ?


@LordVader Channel a sigil, and words of demonic power. That’s all the ritual you need for most things.

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For example I will utilise the thoughtform Flying spaghetti monster(FSM). I will create a symbol for the FSM such a meatballs and spaghetti. I buy the things he likes, chant his name over and over while visualizing his symbol. I’ll throw as much emotion into this as a i can. Do a certain movement certain specific things that you want to make the sigil. Channel the FSM while doing this. Perhaps the ritual will be preparing spaghetti for him.


@John_Doe I wouldn’t say create a sigil. Just channel one. Channeled sigils are more powerful. Their are some cases where creating a sigil may prove more useful, but one directly from the Spirits tends to work better.

Agreed. Perhaps the example wasn’t the best.

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Lol what’s with this thought form? I had chicken Bellagio last night. A parmesan crusted chicken breast over basil pasta and very thinly sliced proscuitto and arugula garnish. Makes me wonder if you weren’t influencing me with that thought form.

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:smiling_imp: he demands a sacrifice of tomato sauce


I will do pasta and meatballs next week as Teriyaki is this week. Great idea as I was looking for simple, inexpensive but delicious. Actually, the flavor is all in how the meatballs are made.

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Thank you everyone for your guidances

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